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JL teams in the last 2 years  

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do not seem to improve their play as the year goes on unlike previous years

this is to me the most tragic thing about the last 2 years

i hope this changes this year

Back then we had a real threat at QB capable of winning games, or more importantly not giving games away with turnovers or missing open receivers.

How many times have we had great efforts on defense, special teams and individual performances by Hall wasted b/c of inept QB play or playcalling?

Too many IMO....and it has cost us at least two games the last three years.

BTW....CJL is an easy target b/c it's his team, however if the University opened up their committment to the program instead of paying lip service, perhaps Leavitt and Woolard would have the resources to go out and look for the BEST candidates for our positional coaching positions, regardless of the cost.  Do you really think anyone wants to win more than Leavitt?

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Then he needs to step up and get the coaching talent needed for this level.  Enough of promoting from within and keeping less then mediocre coaches simply because its easier to keep them and hope for the best, then to fire them and find someone better.

Feel free to step up and provide the funding we need to pay coordinators to come in from other programs.  This is not simply a situation of finding good coaches, it is a situation of paying them.  That, in my opinion, is where we've lacked for the duration of our program.

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the school shouldn't have given leavitt such a big contact if there isn't money left over to pay for quality assistants

i don't believe it for a second

for the same money,leavitt could have done better than smith

a young coach from a non bcs school would be oc at usf for room and board

smith was hired because he is leavitt's yes man not for lack of money

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