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Jumping the gun??

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Anyone care to offer up an explanation as to why the BE jumped the gun and decided to postpone the game last night?  If they would have just waited until this morning to review the latest information we wouldn't be in limbo like we are right now.  What possibly could have been so important last night for them to cancel.  It just makes me a bit frustrated that our homecoming is going to be wrecked.  The BE needs to do the right thing and "unpostpone" the game.  Seriously, they couldn't have cancelled every last thing (transportation, lodging, etc) in the last twelve hours, could they?  The most we'll have on Saturday is a breeze and maybe intermittent passing rain.  

The University hasn't cancelled classes or any other homecoming events, why did the BE go over our heads and pull the plug?  


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Can't win for losing.  Just don't understand.  They new that the status of this storm was changing hour by hour.  Why make an ill informed decision?  They should know that a lot can change in a 12 hour period.  Why cancel it 72 hours out?  They should have looked at WVU's travel plans, backed up 12 hours and said that was their drop dead time to make a decision.  Now we'll be sitting for 2 weekends in a row without a game!!!!

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Does anyone realize that WVU might have had to change their plans earlier than we did??

I believe since WVU announced before USF that the game was postponed at the urging of WVU and not of USF.  Someone who knows better can correct me.

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From the Tampa Tribune. (I added the bolding)

The University of South Florida's game against West Virginia, scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday, has been postponed. The likely makeup date will be Dec. 3, although Tuesday or Wednesday remain options.

Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese will announce the makeup date today.

USF prefers the game to be played Tuesday or Wednesday, while WVU coach Rich Rodriguez said he prefers to play Dec. 3.

The No. 20 Mountaineers have played seven consecutive weeks and could be without starting QB Adam Bednarik, who is questionable with a foot injury.

If the game is Dec. 3, USF will play only two games in a span of five weeks and will go seven weeks between home games.

The Bulls Roast homecoming barbecue scheduled for Saturday also has been postponed.

Maybe WVA is looking for a lucky bye week when they need it for their starting QB?


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to make an announcement?

here it is at the end of the day on wednesday and still no word about this weekend.

UCF moved their game, Miami cancelled theirs.  We are in the middle of both these areas.  Hillsborough County has moved their football games up a day.

i was expecting them to move to game up to Friday but now that an announcement will not come until Thursday that is highly unlikely.

Probably end up getting postponed until Decemeber.

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BullGrad I am completely with you. Latest forecast now has the storm hitting Naples on Monday, NOT Saturday, not even Sunday. I guess I will sit home and cookout in my back yard Saturday afternoon because I know its most likely going to be sunny at 80, what a waste!

The National Hurricane Center has the storm over the Palm Beach area at 1:00 AM Monday morning.  This means it will hit Naples sometime around 8-10pm Sunday night.

And since the storm's moisture will start hitting about 48 hours before that, I doubt Saturday will be very sunny even this far north of the landfall location.

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this is a HURRICANE!!  it is not a depression or tropical storm.  with all the nation has been through in the past 14 months with these things I do not think anyone 'jumped the gun'

You have to realize that not everyone who was involved in the game lives within an hour of Tampa.  There are people from WVA who would be driving down or even flying down and needed to know.  flight arrangements can have 24 hour no cancellation periods etc.

complaining that the game got moved is selfish.

besides...even if the storm isn't supposed to 'hit' until sunday evening we will have feeder bands probably as soon as tomorrow night.  

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