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Leavitt: Carlton Hill NOT an option!

Guest bullistic930

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Guest bullistic930

Ok, I read this in the Oracle today and I figured you guys would be all over it. But I don't see it posted, so here you go....


Second trip to Pennsylvania ends the same way: a loss

by Mike Camunas

October 17, 2005

PITTSBURGH – Before the game Saturday, USF president Judy Genshaft made a vow: If the USF football team went undefeated in the Big East this season, she would cancel one day of school. Sorry, folks. Looks like it’s just not going to happen.

For a quarter of play it seemed as though it might, but within a span of less than six minutes the Bulls (3-3, 1-1 Big East) blew a 10-0 lead and Pittsburgh (3-4, 2-1 Big East) went on a 21-0 run.

Quarterback Tyler Palko scored four touchdowns  three passing and one rushing, including a 69-yard untouched scamper by Tampa native Greg Lee  which lead to the 31-17 loss at Heinz Field.

The Bulls must not have gotten the message from the Genshaft.

“I thought we played horrible,†said coach Jim Leavitt, whose team dropped to 1-1 in the Big East. “You’ve got to give Pittsburgh credit because you always do that, but I didn’t think we played a very good football game.â€Â

After the game-changing play, the Panthers forced a fumble from running back Ricky Ponton, and Palko threw a 41-yard pass to Lee at the USF three-yard line. Palko then threw another touchdown pass, this one to fullback Tim Murphy.

Less than three minutes later, following a fumble by quarterback Pat Julmiste, which was forced by Clint Session, Palko ran in a 1-yard touchdown.

“We can’t win with turnovers,†said running back Andre Hall, who led all USF offense with 210 total yards, including a 76-yard touchdown reception. “We missed a lot of assignments. During the off-season, I felt very confident about this game. I mean, we came out pretty good, but eventually we just slowed down and rolled over.â€Â

Leavitt said the team never got “in sync†on offense, even though it racked up 34 more yards on total offense. USF had 364, while Pittsburgh had 330.

“I don’t regret any of the decisions I made in this game,†Leavitt said. “I’m disappointed that we didn’t have our team prepared better for this game, but then again we started off ten to nothing.

“Were we ready to play? I don’t know, because after all that we let them back in it.†After Julmiste appeared to be struggling, he was replaced by Courtney Denson, whose two pass attempts resulted in an interception by cornerback Josh Lay and led to an 8-yard pass from Palko to tight end Darrell Strong.

“It wasn’t a hard decision, but Courtney can’t come in and do what he did,†Leavitt said. “You just can’t do that.â€Â

When asked about other quarterback possibilities, Leavitt said, “(Carlton Hill) is not an option. No. He’s not ready.â€Â

A couple of decisions worthy of consideration were the fourth-quarter reverse plays involving Jesse Hester Jr. The first resulted in a tackle for a loss. The second came on a second down and six yards to gain where the Bulls were down by only two touchdowns.

Hall doesn’t blame anyone else, though.

“I made mistakes, so I can’t scream at them for making the same mistakes,†he said. “A lot of times it’s not on the field. It’s at practice. I’m not saying the guys didn’t go hard at practice, but we could’ve worked a little harder, been a little more focused. It wasn’t today that lost it (for) us in the end. It was throughout the week, because personally, that’s the way I feel.â€Â

Julmiste, however, doesn’t want to blame anyone but himself.

“Coach expects perfect play out of us quarterbacks, and we didn’t give that to him,†Julmiste said. “I rest this game squarely on my shoulders. This is no fluke team. You turn it over against Pittsburgh, they going to win.â€Â

The Bulls had a chance to remain undefeated in the Big East, which would have made USF and West Virginia the only two teams in the conference with spotless records. The Mountaineers, who beat No. 19 Louisville 46-44 in triple overtime, boast a 6-1 record and are now ranked 20.

“We’ve got a tough one ahead of us,†Hall said. “We need to come with it at Monday at practice and regain focus.â€Â

And this time, there’s no pressure from Genshaft.


This article sort of confirms my "virtue lies between extremes" theory. It seems there are two types of folks on here when looking at the QB situation:

Type 1  - PJ is a wonderfully good guy that makes mistakes (comon he's human)

Type 2 - PJ is the devil, and CJL has loyalty to him and won't put in Hill...hence we are doomed.

This article seems to fall somewhere in between. Bottom line - CJL knows PJ is a mediocre QB at best...but he is simply the best option we have to work with at the moment. Hill is not ready, and Denson...well....

By the way, green bottom/white top uni's looked GREAT in the Oracle pictures!!!!!!!!!

;D ;D ;D

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Guest tulderbull

Why is he not an option he has been here since June with the team.  I am so pissed off we can not get a **** QB coach worth a ****.  If you can not get Carlton Hill ready by now he will never be ready hell half of the stadium can call our plays there are not imaginative there are not many reads there are not combo routs.  on half of the routs all the wr run the same pattern and the oc tell the qb who to look for so why isnt he ready.  Coach leavitt that is your fault he was a four star athlete supposed to be the man if he is not ready it is your fault b/c I would like to see how he could do any worse than pat

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Guest parradocs

Um, ok, true freshman QBs rarely start at the Division I level.  It takes the right QB and the right team.  Most of these guys simply aren't ready.  

Regarding Courtney Denson, I really don't think he's gotten a fair shot.  He has a bad 1st quarter at Penn State, and all he gets is one series a game to save the team or go back to the bench.  He may not be very good, but how would we know?  He can't be much worse than PJ, so let him play at least a few series to get into the flow of the game.

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Guest bullistic930

Denson has happy feet.

He gets the ball, steps back for about 2 seconds, and runs before the pressure really gets on him.  He doesnt have QB poise. I believe PJ, if nothing else, DOES have at least some QB poise...he plays it cool and then steps up into the pocket when pressure is coming and runs as a last resort. (Actually Im happy when he runs - it means there won't be any interceptions! Oh, but then there's the fumble issue...uhhh)

Hey, let's let Hall be the QB!!! Heck, give Jackson a shot! I'm open to suggestions!

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Regarding Courtney Denson, I really don't think he's gotten a fair shot.  He has a bad 1st quarter at Penn State, and all he gets is one series a game to save the team or go back to the bench.  He may not be very good, but how would we know?  He can't be much worse than PJ, so let him play at least a few series to get into the flow of the game.

You have seen him throw in a few games haven't you? It's not pretty at all. If he is in there to mix up the running game, then I have no problem with it because he does have some speed.

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Guest bullistic930

oh, I thought maybe you were trying to be like Prince...you know, "the poster formerly known as cee"  ;)

Freedom of speech is a tricky term.  It doesn't apply to private web forums, but I don't think they'd block you because they disagreed with what you were saying...probably more like HOW you were saying it. I think the administrators here do a pretty good job of keeping it clean and wholesome...so I really have no complaints.

Actually Im just happy I have a "home" to see what other Bulls are saying and express my opinions.


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i'll be back soon, some people were offended by the fact that i didnt think pat julmiste was the messiah of college football.. talk about taking away someone's freedom of speech.

There is no freedom of speech on this board.  Brad owns it and can do what he wants with it... he is more lenient than others and I am surprised you are only banned for a few days.

You want freedom of speech, start your own message board. Good luck getting people to post.

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Carlton Hill is a good athlete, but he played for a VERY SMALL high school in RURAL Florida.  His opponents were lucky to have 50 boys on their whole team -- let alone top quality athletes.

He could win by simply outrunning everyone.

That is not the case at a Division I-A BCS college.  He has NEVER faced opponents this size with this much speed and this much depth.

PJ at least has faced I-A competition.  He may not have been as successful as we hoped... but I would rather PJ start over a complete unknown in Hill.

"Better the devil you know,..."

Besides, Hill didn't look that comfortable during the FAMU game... why should he be ready for the WVU game??  It's a mental thing -- if he was showing the coaches that he was psychologically prepared to lead, I am sure he woud get consideration.  Leavitt's loyalty is to the school and to winning -- otherwise, Denson would not have been yanked during PSU, or PJ during Miami and Pitt.

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