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TSA getting grief over pat down policy

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Ch 10 did a story on the pat down policy that costs tax payers $10,000 per game and how the tsa defends it citing it is an effective measure.  News reporter strapped a pack of pencils to his leg and entered the stadium with nobody even touching his legs.  

The $10,000 is taxpayer money and once again the tsa is trying to defend itself with poor rhetoric with no valid reasoning.  The tsa needs to be held more accountable in my opionion.  This is a body of gov't that seems to do whatever it wants.  Now they are being sued by a season ticket holder and the aclu and are spending $100,000 of tax money to defend it's policy.  

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The TSA is against this policy.  The NFL has mandated these pat downs and the Glazer's contract states that the TSA is responsible for all security manpower and security costs.  I believe in other cities the team is paying the extra cost.  The Glazers are being totally unreasonable in this case as they should be paying for this unexpected cost.  No one could have seen this coming when they were negotiating with the TSA.

They are grossing well over $6 million per game and they can't come up with $10,000 to cover something that came out of left field.

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