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Did anyone who watched the ESPN360 "broadcast"

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notice something the announcers said about 5 different times throughout the game?  They said "USF's passing game is extremely unsophisticated....even the routes the WR's run are very simplistic and very easy to cover."

I know we supposedly have good receivers, so are the routes being kept simple for the QB's or is our offensive scheme just that "low budget?"

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PJ gets happy feet as soon as he sees the primary WR being covered.  I believe his WR progressions include two WRs and then he gets to decide to run or take a sack.  Forget stepping outside the tackle box and throwing the ball away.  That's way to hi-tech.  Gotta save that stuff for the seniors only.

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There was one play where the announcers made a good point about USF's passing game. I forget exactly which play it was, but the point was: USF is keeping the tight end and the running back into block, which means there are only two receivers in the pattern, which leaves the QB with no one to throw to and is easy for the defense to cover. Which was correct. So maybe part of the problem in the Pitt game was poor offensive line play.

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The routes themselves are not the direct problem, it is the combination of them.  We do very little in terms of getting a safety to bite one direction or catching a linebacker out of position.

A classic example would be sending twin receivers into post and flag routes.  This would not work well vs many coverages unless the play lasts for a long time, as a safety in 2 or 3 deep zone can sit on that until a little after the routes break.

Now what if the inside receiver ran a seam or quick post, while the outside ran a stop and go?  The safety would see the stop, and likely cheat in on the post.  That opens up a lot more room for the stop n go.  This wouldnt work vs all coverages, but cover 2 and man coverage could potentially give up a touchdown.

The problem with setting plays up like that is you need a QB to be able to not only know the play, but also the intent of the play vs different defenses.  After all this, he still has to have pocket poise and throw the ball on time and place it at least decently.  He also must read the play, since things like the corner playing off the route or the safety leaving the post more open to play the outside in anticipation of such a play could result in a turnover.

It's a complex game for the QB and good defenses as well.  You don't just line up and do something, you have to understand the field.  Julmiste seems to have trouble doing this after he makes a mistake or gets rattled a bit, so its hard to scheme for him.  Part of this, though, is also on the OC.  Our OC has rarely impressed me over the past years, be he hobbie or smith.

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