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People, Pat is the only one right now that can play the position. With Grothe and HIll and possibly Denson getting more practice in, they can look at next year. But as for this year, Pat will be our QB. Now Im sure you guys are going to complain and cry but face reality here, we have seen what Denson can do, Hill isnt ready yet and Grothe is redshirting. Unless you want Danny Verpaele to come back from injury and waste redshirting this year, there is NO ONE ELSE! Suck it up and pick something else to complain about...

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i dont understand why we dont play carlton hill.. he's not utilizing his redshirt this year anyways, he's supposed to be vying for the QB spot in the future (along with grothe, but i can understand the rationale of not playing grothe now, being that he hasnt played this year).. i dont see any harm in starting hill at QB.. he'll get good game experience as a QB, we dont throw to him anyways, and with the fact that we're passing less than 20 times a game, our WR's are just bonafide downfield blockers (with the exception of peyton)

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I've resignated to the fact that PJ is the best that we have, and that he'll be starting. But, the lack of offensive adjustments last game really made it tough for me to get behind Smith as OC. Honestly, everyone and their mom knows that PJ isn't a finesse passer by any stretch, but he sure is an athletic QB. Why doesn't Smith try working on the option a little more so that it looks like the players know what they're doing when they attempt to execute it? My heart stops everytime I see us trying to execute an option play, it just doesn't look fluid. Hopefully, we can get good at it, so that we have a chance of bowling this season.

If USF could run the option like Nebraska did in their hey-day, then I think we have a better chance with PJ at the helm.

We must adjust

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Pat knows the playbook and how much is it helping him??  With Andre in there, we're basically run, run and throw on 3rd down if we have to.  How hard is it for Carlton to hand the ball to Andre instead of Pat handing it to him?  At least Carlton will get some experience to build on for next year.  Yeah, my green and gold colored glasses came off during the Pitt game.  Our offense is too inconsistent to put up the points needed to win games.  It's just sickening to know we have the talent to win but we're lacking in the qb position.  The remaining opponents are going to stack the line and key in on stopping Andre because they know we are one dimensional.  If nothing else, watching Andre run is worth the price of admission.

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    "I wish you guys could be in the locker room and be on the practice field because it is so much different from what it has been in the past."

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