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leavitt is probably thinkng


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WOW!! 3 Weeks ago, you people were praising CJL with what he did w this program and now you guys think he should be gone! Honestly, reading stuff like this makes me not want to come this board anymore. If you can do better, why arent you coaching a division 1A football team? It sucks losing to Pitt, and yah it was a crappy game, but what this man has done in the past 10 years is unbelievable, but no he should be fired. If we were to go and lose the next couple of games, I think maybe, but guys, its only ONE game. Suck it up and get ready for WV.

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I've taken this program as far as I can, I will resign and let Rod Smith rightfully take over!

I'm not even a football player, but I'd transfer!

Seriously, Smith is the most questionable hire I've seen in a while.  Traditionally, promotions are earned.  Sure, favoritism plays a role, but usually the person hired is at least qualified for the job.  

Even if he isn't, he usually wasn't a TOTAL screwup at his last job.  Former QB coach...and look at all those great QB's he groomed with us!  0.  Do nothing and get hired.  Can I be the USF QB coach next?  It's like someone just told our guys "throw the ball a bunch of times and you'll get better".  The mechanics, release, decisions, touch, and so on improve so slow you'd think our qb's were teaching themselves.

We've had 3 years to get 1 good QB.  Or maybe just a competent one.  Many teams can find a way to get 2 competent QB's.  Look at cal for an extreme example...or texas tech.

Where was the effort to get a qb that could throw?  Why not see more qb prospects, no matter the stars?  Surely there is ONE guy at this school who has enough of a brain and an average arm that can decide to throw the ball to the correct receiver, then throw it there.  Even if there wasn't 3 years ago, thats enough time to TRAIN SOMEONE FROM SCRATCH.  Yes, even a walk-on.  3 years.  Almost 1000 hours of potential coaching for a kid.  Why isn't there anyone competitive at QB here?

Blame recruiting?  I don't think so.  We're not intentionally recruiting idiots.  Most of our players are pretty intelligent.  To say its not Smith's fault because he doesnt have anybody is a terrible argument...the reason we dont have anybody is because rod smith a_ can't help recruit talent and B) cant develop ANY.

If there is anybody that should be up for firing at the end of the season, it is former QB coach and subpar OC Smith.  Our QB is slightly improved this seaons...perhaps because we have a new QB coach.  Julmiste is probably never going to be able to handle making an early mistake on the road...but at least he is completing slightly higher % passes.  Maybe our younger guys have a chance, now that they dont have a proven poor coach teaching them.

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I cannot wait for these fans to shut up.  They are the most fickle I have seen.  Oh wait, I forgot, we live in the Tampa Bay area where they all ride bandwagons.  

You don't think Bowden and JoePa and any other great coach went through trouble spots in their history?  Not even 10 years.  Ã‚ And only the last few have really been with "the Big Boys".  So, let's see what happens with the next couple years in recruiting and W-L record and then evaluate.

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