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heinz field vs Ray Jay

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Also anyone notice when the univ of Minn plays at home they put up gold trimming around the lower deck....looks like it's their stadium and not the viqueens...


Like USF, Pittsburgh shares its stadium with an NFL team, but Heinz Field is much kinder to its college tenants than Raymond James Stadium. Even with the Steelers playing a home game today, Pittsburgh had its name in the north end zone, and the Panthers have their name prominently displayed around the stadium. ...

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I liked Heinz Field much better than Ray Jay. Like you were saying w being more kind to Pitt, they have their own locker room, seperate from the Steelers, in their colors with a beautiful sign claiming what it is. Their press box looked to be more up to date than stuffy ray jays, and it looked cleaner. What I really liked was they had a hall of fame area that was huge and was open to the fans, Ray Jay doesnt even compare...PLus the Ketchep bottles on the scoreboard pouring onto the video screen was AWESOME!

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Pitt and the Steelers co-exist very well.  The Rooney family and the University have a long history.  Remember that back in the 50s and 60s when the Steelers played at the Pirates' Forbes Field, they used to play "big" games at Pitt's Pitt Stadium (torn down after 1999 when Pitt decided to move to Heinz Field--long story there and many Panther faithful still have mixed feelings).

But I wanted to correct the info about the end zones at Heinz Field--the same type style PITTSBURGH always stays in the closed end zone.  Color changes depending on whoever is playing.  When the Panthers play, it is painted Pitt gold with Pitt blue edging.  When the Steelers play, it is painted Steeler gold with Steeler black edging.

The open end zone has been ND-style stripes the past couple of years.  They used to paint Steelers or Panthers in that open end zone, but it was too tough on the grass.

Most all Steeler signage is covered up with Pitt signage when the Panthers play; check out the stadium aisle seats, the sides have Panther and Steeler logos side by side on them as do all the gates into the stadium.

The teams also share practice facilities though they have their own separate lockers and fields.  Both practice at the UPMC facility on Pittsburgh's South Side, a few miles from campus.  UPMC=University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Once Pitt's regular home season is over (mid-to-late November) they usually paint a Steeler logo at mid-field.

Heinz has to be the stadium shared by college and pro that undergoes the most changes to reflect who is playing that day, making it feel like the college team actually IS the home team and not just playing in a pro stadium.  The Metrodome in Minneapolis does a great job also.

More than you probably wanted to know, thanks for listening.

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Bear in mind that the voters in several counties passed a sales tax to build the stadium based on the fact that both the Panthers and the Steelers would play there.  USF was not included in the Community Investment Tax proposal.

This is the difference.

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I would be interested to know how much of a factor NOT having to build a stadium was in the USF decision to institute the football program. I'm guessing that if you have to go from absolute nothing (no stadium, no facility, no team), that the cost of/savings from a stadium would be significant.

If, as pointed out above, there is a Rooney/Pitt relationship, rest assured - there is no such thing with MG & USF.  

And use of the term "community" has a very liberal application as related to RJS.

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