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USF QB: The Answer Could be.....

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Grant Geogory..could be the answer, very athletic QB he should give Julmiste a run for his money next yr.  I Know we all talk alot about Grothe but he is only 5"11 and I bullieve we love him so much is because has not thrown an interception or fumbled the ball yet.

Courntey needs a one way ticket back to Auburn, in fact I would even pay for it

CA Hill: Who knows, JL said in his press conference after the game that if CA Hill was ready he would have played him, but JL stated "he is no where near ready", From what I heard he has trouble knowing where to line up and trouble understanding this very very very very complex playbook. (IFORM give the ball to Andre, I am not so sure what is so hard about that)

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Well...I don't put so much of the blame on PJ as I do on the play calling.  I'm not suggesting if we had better talent at that position that Staurday's game may have come out in our favor, but Pitt adjusted to our defense in offensive line play and passing.  We didn't do anything different and we had more possessions than Pitt did.  Basically, the big play in college football is inevitable, the reality is if PJ was falling victom to coverage sacks, then shorten the passing patterns, if we had mixed up anythining we would have been in better shape.  The play calling was abissmal, we attempted one deep pass (other than the hail mary at the end) the worst part about this is, we have the talent to play this way, consider Johnny peyton's two TD's vs PSU, instead of a reverse pattern 4 times for -1 yards, ( I still cannot get over the ball inide the 5 and a reverse play call).  The way I see it, the play calling regardless of how good or bad PJ is, is making out athletice team very predicatable.  

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I don't understand how they can say that C Hill is Far from being ready. From what I see, we don't exactly run the most complex scheme in Div 1A football. Our playcalling looks pretty vanilla, not like we have John Gruden calling the plays from the sidelines. What exactly is the learning curve for a college QB? I believe coach when he says PJ is the best we have right now, but this really concerns me. I was counting on this guy being our QB of the future and this is not a good sign.

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If you guys think your qb play is bad now, try starting a true freshman.  High school defenses are nothing compared to West Virginia and Rutgers.  Qb's have to be able to make reads quickly and audible, and also know what to audible.  That's not even factoring in the speed in which everything happens.  Throw in the fact the CHill isn't used to having 50,000 people screaming at him.  He'd get creamed.  Stick with PJ.  He needs to work on his passing though.  Every defense you face this season will simply trying to shut down the run and make him pass.

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