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CJL on 620 NOW

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Someone give me a break down when it's over.  

Wait, let me guess.

Pitt is a great team despite their record.  They have some good athletes.  They beat the dog out of us last year.  We need to play a good game to win. QB needs to be more consistent.  

OMG he said exactly "They beat the Dog out of us" Man, do you know him or what??

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They asked coach if he was prepared to throw in Denson if PJ started to struggle. He said, of course, that is the case with every program. If the starter struggles then the backup goes in. He said that the 1 and 2 get basically all the reps in practice but that C. Hill does get a few touches throughout the week. Mentioned that C. Hill is the future at that position ut he is still trying to get him on the field at receiver.

Unfortunately, the guys didn't ask him to comment on Wanstadt's "porn mustache."

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I was amazed at one thing. CJL said that they spend most(?) of their time at practice in specialty teams. He said practice would be short without specialty teams. WTF? Has he seen our offense? Thats where those players should be spending their time.

The Bulls need to spend time on special teams. Poor decisions on special teams can easily lead to a loss. I agree with the focus. We're to a point in the season that you know what kind of production you're going to get out of your offense, it's not stellar but it's set. We're going to run the ball down people's throats. Until we get a more accurate QB the offense isn't going to change much.

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its not like JL is saying we aren't practicing on offense.  But JL's focus isn't in that area because that isn't his area.  He's a defense and special teams guy.  I'm sure our offense players  like julmiste and denson aren't sitting their practicing kickoff returns, or sitting on their hands watching the special team practices.

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    “This is not a broken football program by any means. It just needs to be united, to get everybody on the same page, share that same vision, and really to have that standard - best is the standard.”

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