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Here is the buyout....

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8 minutes ago, Rex Havoc said:

Why don’t all universities have some sort of performance standards written into coaches contracts? Lots of schools paying millions on buyouts for people who sucked at their jobs. 

Not the business model in place and universities who have the cash have set the standard 

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5 minutes ago, George_Bullnard_Shaw said:

Because that's the status quo and nobody will challenge it and the big brains think if they change away from guaranteed contracts nobody will ever hire a good coach.

It’s just insane. The universities have all the power over the coaches. If they all stopped with this guaranteed money crap what would the coaches do? They’d have to accept it or find a real job. 

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Just now, Rex Havoc said:

I’m sure FSU wishes they didn’t have to pay slick Willie 17 million. 

Billy Bob writes a check and cuts down on his liquor consumption for 2 months

Just now, Jonesy Bull said:

That is alot of money.  And now we have to spend money on a new coaching staff.  We have to assume some big boosters had to have stepped up.  Thank you to those unnamed people.

This coaching decision has big financial implications too.  We have to get this one right.  We need to hit a homerun.

Man, wish I had that kind of cash

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Just now, HPbull said:

I read on one of the news sites reporting it not sure which one but the 5 mil is coming out of account USF has that has a 700 mil value. So USF isn’t really hurting for money like everyone suggest.

Then they have no excuse not to pry Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney away from their current jobs.

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