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I've got the shakes......


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My name is T-Man, I'm 39, and I'm a Bullaholic.....  It has been 10 days since I last saw my Bulls take the field.... I was getting plenty of Bull Action and my consumption was grand (PSU, 3 home games, and UM) as I attended all games.... Now with the bye week and internet hell I feel as if I am losing track of what's important, for instance last weekend I did the following: coached soccer practice 3 hours, coached baseball game 3 hours, attended two basketball games 3 hours, mowed my lawn, cleaned house, and did laundry.... I did try a bell ring at my son's basketball game but I was quickly subdued by the recreation center security.... I find myself on most ocassions over the last ten days "doing the right responsible thing".....  I need some therapy NOW!  This morning when I reached for the OJ my hand brushed up against a beer and a devil like creature (in the image of MIKEG) appeared on my shoulder and said, "Come on T-Man, drink it, turn on the TV and find a college game, blow off work" As I brushed him off another would appear, and another, and another... Gene, Mutt, Art,Jim,BullDoug and etc.. they kept popping up in full BullGear... I finally had to slam the fridge door shut, only problem is when I shut it my daugther, fresh off a good night sleep was coming at me with her pillow and I mistook her for a Pitt running back and slammed her to the ground... pleeeeeaseeeee hellllllllllp the shakes are getting horrrrrribllle, is there any cure?????? T----mmmmmmmannnnnn

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"Go ahead...   Drink the beer..."

Seriously T-Man, What you need to do is keep yourself occupied by getting ready for homecoming. Start getting more involved by collecting Bush protestor picket signs for the bonfire Friday nite. Build a USF parade float out of empty beer cans and duct tape. Also try driving to the stadium and picking out well hidden locations for your sniper rifle (just in case we lose).

I hope this helps you through withdrawls and always know, that we're here to help.

  -mutt    ;)


And of course, GOTTA HAVE MORE COWBELL !!!

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