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CFBNews predicts BCS bowls


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I can't believe there isn't a thread about this yet...

In their Tuesday Question, the CFBNews columnists predicted who would play in each of the four BCS bowls. Of course, one of these teams is the Big East champ.

EVERYONE picked Louisville to represent the Big East. USF got little mention. WVU got none, except as a speedbump on the UofL schedule.

Here are the relevant comments:

Richard Cirminiello: "Louisville will not lose again in the regular season, however, they’ll play in the Gator Bowl unless South Florida loses at least two of its final six games.  The Bulls are a legit team, but winning pressure games in the Northeast in November will be a daunting challenge for the fledgling member of the Big East."

Matt Zemek: "Louisville still figures to be in the Orange Bowl because... well, besides beating West Virginia this Saturday, it's simply hard to think South Florida can stay atop the Big East. This ain't no Bull? We'll just have to find out and see if USF's 31-point win over Louisville was more of a Cardinal meltdown than a running of the Bulls all over Bobby Petrino's team. Until USF solidifies and backs up that win, Louisville is still the percentage pick to come out of the Big East."

Mark Risley: "Louisville has proved that it’s beatable, but it’s so difficult to put the USF loss into black & white. The Cardinals just destroyed a very good Tar Heels squad, and with its new “focusâ€Â, it’s hard to imagine UL losing again. Given that trend combined with USF’s task of severing three heads of the four-headed road monster (trips to Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, and UConn) makes you think that Louisville still has a slight edge."

OK, so the pundits aren't sold yet on USF as a Big East title contender. That's fair, but why is everyone just handing the conference to Louisville? West Virginia is a capable team, as is UConn, and the Cards have to go both places.

BTW, all five columnists placed the Big East champ in the Orange Bowl, vs the ACC champ (Va Tech or Miami).

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Guest guest-bull

You know, on the one hand I suppose I (we) should just be happy that USF could potentially make it to a bowl game this year - given the dire predictions most had for us this year.  That being said USF is still in a very preferable spot right now compared to UL at least (the darling of the media).

Criminiello is pretty much right on one thing - winning the road games in the north WILL be a daunting task and are not a given.

Zemek is still a doubting thomas.  I wonder, exactly how many games must the Bulls win to "prove" it to him.  I doubt at this point even running the table would convince him and many others.

Risley's four headed monster, IMO, is really one head (WVU) and a couple of barking, no teeth pretenders.  First off, with all due respect to Pitt - they are struggling this year.  Sure they've had their moments in the past and have a great tradition but last I checked, tradition doesn't suit up for the game and it doesn't give them any extra points either!  Same with Syracuse - new coach, new philosophy and still trying to find themselves.  OK, I'll grant you the Carrier Dome will be a tough place to play but playing at PSU and UM earlier should beneift us to the extent that we wont' be walking in wide eyed.  U Conn???    Give me a f***ing break will you!  They are 4-1 on the year and their opponents are a combined 5-17!!!  Wow, what a tough schedule.  U Conn will see their BE champ hopes go down the drain when they start playing the meat of their schedule (i.e. WVU, USF and UL).  There is also the potential trap game with Rutgers too.

The big thing for USF is we basically control our own destiny and if UL beats WVU this weekend then I would say we are in the drivers seat of the BE championship (or at least have the keys in hand).

As for the BCS bowl we get, I am partial towards Atlanta!

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Do you guys realize the level of excitment there will be at Home Coming if we win at Pitt this week ?  Regardless of the winner of the UL/WV game it will be a HUGE game for the Bulls if we beat Pitt.  A UL win only solidifies our position in the BE standings and a WV win makes our game with them a reconfirmation of how good we really are.  Win at Pitt and we will get a lot of national attention leading up to the WV game.  Right now the Pitt game is the biggest of our season.  Lets hope that WV game becomes the most important game of our season.

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Beat Pitt@Pitt and WVU in RJS and the Bulls will get noticed.  Then beat Syracuse in NY & Rutgers in NJ and the Bulls will be the talk of the country.  Nothing to BCS in 9 Seasons...not to shabby but still there's a long way to go and 6 teams to beat, 4 on the road.  

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I don't have a problem with their comments either.  I think all our hopes and dreams of a bowl game rely on our Quarterback.  Unfortunately, he's inconsistent.  When he has a bad game, the opposing defense can key on shutting down our running game.  Andre is a star, but he can only do so much against a stacked line.   I know it's easy to pile on Pitt because of their less than stellar performance so far, but this team handed it to us last year.  If we don't start off on the right foot in this game (stupid penalties, dropped balls, bad throws), it's going to be a long day.

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