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American Athletic Conference Revenue Comparison by School (Off Topic)

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1 minute ago, George_Bullnard_Shaw said:

I am sorry for your loss. I rescued greyhounds and helping them pass to end their pain is the last, best gift we give them after giving them a great life, but it just destroys us emotionally.

Yes, the brain says yes, the heart says what in the heck are you doing. We have helped 5 rescues go to the heaven in less that 5 years. Love greyhounds. Just have never had one cross our paths. Good on you sir. Well done. Happy stinking New Year.

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This is where I have to disagree. I can fully understand that the delusional AD over there think it's beneath them to schedule pay or 2-1 games with programs they think they are now on par with, based

Isn't there someone else's leg that you can hump?

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It’s really interesting if you look at the path our 2 schools have taken. USF on one hand, has taken the “conservative/responsible” approach to athletics and the lack of fire and aggressiveness is reflected in our fans apathy and we are falling way behind. UCF on the other sold themselves out at all costs trying to get what they want and you can see their fans have taken on a similar mentality; but they have clearly passed us by (will that last, who knows). I’m terms of school and education quality, USF is head shoulders better and for that I am extremely proud of my Bullsnation, but I wish we could learn from UCF in way that sometimes you need to be more aggressive (within reason) or you risk falling behind. Idk what we need to do to get our students and fans interested (which is perplexing to me since Florida is such a big sports state), but we had better figure it out because as was stated earlier, even in the Flowers era, no one was showing up and it was down right embarrassing. Maybe the snowflakes need to accept the fact that we are in the AAC, and that’s ok, because this is our school, we can pack the house regardless of who we play and we can dominate the conference and get our recognition as we go. The students of this university need understand that they are not at UF, FSU or Miami; they need to get over it and accept that USF is their school. They need to take pride in their school. The city of Tampa has to recognize that USF touches every single dollar in the area and support it. Sorry I’m going on a rant but it really bothers me that there is such a lack of support for USF by its own students, and I just don’t understand it.

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