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What I watched last night made me once again proud of the program

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22 minutes ago, NewEnglandBull said:

What I can’t believe about this thread is that some of you numb skulls actually think CCS is going to get fired. It’s easy to spend money when it’s not yours. 

Agreed lol.  Think the best positives right now is that the young players are showing what they can do this season. Also, this team is sticking together in the locker room from the reports that we are receiving. They are the first ones that are saying the season is not how they expect it but at the same time they are staying strong. Wish the fans would take not and stop crying and keep supporting these kids. The players seem to love Strong and the coaching staff so I’m all for that. The wins will start to come if we stop changing  up the coaching staff every other year. Seems the defense is getting better and sure they are giving up some big plays but it is correctable. The best part for me was seeing KB once again coach McCloud on the sideline telling him to throw the ball down field more. The WR made some plays especially McDoom’s YAC when he basically carried about four players on his back. This team wanted to win! Not that moral victory BS. Fans need to realize that and support. Fans talking about not showing up or watching next season are not true fans to me. I don’t care how much they donate, the best way to support is to show up or at least watch on TV or listen to broadcast. That to me is the best kind of support that USF needs rn. 

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With that said, I have personally lifted my Bulls pen ban. I proud of the players for their continued fight through this tough season. I’m telling you, they keep doing this and good things will result

Exactly this.  The positive thinking fans on here have just accepted the fact that he will be here next year.  If watching the team makes you that miserable, find something else to do with your time. 

agreed.  4-8 with 3 of those wins coming against bad teams  SCarolina State is AA, UConn and ECU are at the bottom of the barrel.  Cincy may have a winning record but they had to come from behind to b

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49 minutes ago, TakeItOrLeavitt said:

It's easy not to spend money when it's yours. As in, if Strong is back next year I wont renew my 6 season tickets. I wont be attending any away games or a bowl game (HA!) like usual. USF can spend their money as they see fit and so can I and the small contingent of fans who currently attend every game. 

Fine your prerogative but he is still coming back

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1 hour ago, Bulls On Parade said:

Yea Strong is back...if they somehow beat Memphis it's practically a lock.

I like Texas by 24 in next year’s opener 

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7 minutes ago, TakeItOrLeavitt said:

That's an opinion, not fact. Don't confuse yourself with that.

You’ll soon see I am right

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I don't believe in moral victories either. I'm not happy. But what I saw was encouraging. This team is not free falling the way the 2012/2018 teams did. Charlie will be back because we can't buy him out and I'm not happy about that either. Now if we get blown out next week I'll be unhappy and not encouraged again. Seems like every time I get encouraged it's followed by a SMU or Navy type game. Will we be encouraged or hopeless at season's end? That's the only thing left to watch for.   

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