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too early to tell.

if USF keeps winning they can't not show us, especially if a game has BE championship possibilities.  for instance, I suspect that the WVU-USF might be televised as would the Rutgers game and maybe even the U Conn game.  

as bad as syracuse and cincy are the only those will be seen is if you are at the game

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ESPN 360 requires a broadband internet provider that offers ESPN 360 or so I have heard.

Yep, here is the URL and sales pitch.


What is ESPN360?

ESPN360, ESPN's customized broadband service, available at www.ESPN360.com, highlights the value of a high-speed connection by combining the best elements of television and the Internet for the computer user.  ESPN360 leverages ESPN-branded content to deliver high quality video, featuring exclusive and live programming, unique behind-the-scenes coverage, and in-depth analysis from ESPN commentators. ESPN360 will also offer fans access to single and multi-player video games, and the ability to customize all of this great content according to their interests.

How much does ESPN360 cost?

ESPN360 is FREE!! ESPN360 is offered at no cost to  you,  the sports fan if  your  Internet provider has partnered with ESPN. Right now there is no subscription payment option for ESPN360  so call your ISP today if you don't already have ESPN360.

How does ESPN360 work?

ESPN360 is available on your computer via a high-speed data connection.  ESPN360 has a streaming video component that is encoded at a high bit rate that enables a fast transmission for viewing high quality video content.

What kind of content is available on ESPN360?

The exclusive, customizable content on ESPN360 covers the full spectrum of sports.  Live games, highlights, inside analysis, extended interviews, single and multi-player video games, previews and premiers of upcoming ESPN shows, plus archives of some of your favorite ESPN titles like Pardon The Interuption (PTI).  New highlights, games, features and video games are created every day just for ESPN360 users.

Can you customize ESPN360?

At ESPN360 it's your sports - your world.  All content is customizable and can be watched in a variety of screen sizes; ranging from full-screen to a draggable compact mode.  You control which clips you want to see and can add and delete video, arrange the order, and save your favorite clips and play lists in My ESPN - your very own channel.

How do I get ESPN360?

Call your high speed Internet provider and ask for ESPN360 or log on to www.ESPN360.com.


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