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Is there a way to ban "on campus stadium" threads?

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First the idea that it will increase attendance is ridiculous.  We have a great coach in Leavitt who does his radio show right "on campus" open to the public, free pizza and other goodies, NOT ONE PERSON (other than a couple older regulars) SHOWS UP!

We have "on campus" facilities for every other sport yet our attendance is among the lowest.

We ARE a commuter school as most metro Universities are.....GET OVER IT!

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Guest parradocs

Yeah, why does everyone get upset at someone who suggests an on campus stadium?  Maybe all aren't as brilliant as you, who is absolutely sure it is a terrible idea.  Perhaps you could share some of your genius, since you have obvious studied the idea intently from all angles and understand all of the pros and cons.  

It is very astute of you to point out that the fact that people don't show up for Coach Leavitt means that less than 12 people would show up for a football game on campus.  Why, you must have loads of surveys and research to back up your well thought out position.

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The problem is that it doesn't come up year after year, but every other month.  It does get nauseating reading a post where people have absolutely no knowledge of athletis finances and the realistic costs of a stadium, yet demand that we NEED one and how it will just make the money roll in.

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You gotta understand...the nuevo members of this board haven't been around for years and as such, it's a new and exciting topic to them. For the rest of us - who have chewed this up one side and down the other - it's reruns.  

I don't think you really want to ban the subject, as it has some value to some folks. If the thread doesn't look interesting...or I don't feel like pressing somebody's buttons*...I just pass it by.  ;)

*..not that I would ever deliberately do something like that... ::)

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Guest parradocs

I understand that some people have been through it over and over again.  If you don't want to read it, why are you reading it?  Why get upset at those people that want to talk about it?  It is childish.

There are several topics here I think are stupid, but I don't barge in and complain about the stupid topic.  No need for me to read them, so I just avoid that topic.  That's why there are topic headings.

Some of you guys must be loads of fun at parties, telling everyone what they can and can't talk about.

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