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I am not sold that Pitt is a very bad team!!

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I am sorry Bull fans, but I am really scared about USF's next game against Pitt. Pitt could have two more wins this season if not for stupid mistakes. They should have beat Nebraska on the road. And the loss to Ohio in OT was pretty much up for grabs. Pitt losing to ND does not lool bad right now because of the way ND has played this season. To be honest, I hope USF plays their A game because Pitt wont be a push over like some of us may think. We need to go up there with the season on the line IMO. If USF can still a win on the road againt Pitt, I will be really excited. To me, this next game has to be one of USF's biggest games in school history. It really is some kind of statement game for USF football about winning on the road. Can we show everyone that we can take care of business?? Or will we just get lost on the road??? USF is very young, so I think it can go either way. GO BULLS!!! Win PITT-BULL BOWL III!!!!

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I am glad you ask. Rutgers is a scary team right now. They play good at times then they play bad at times. I think they are getting better each year under Schiano. I hope Rutgers gets to that bowl game because I want Schiano to remain the coach there. Greg Schiano has really turned around that Rutger's program in my eyes. He is getting a lot of good recruits coming in, so I hope he gets that bowl game to secure his job. If Rutgers does something foolish like firing him then I hope Jim Leavitt offers him a job at USF because he can recruit IMO.

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If is the big thing. We all cant forget that we have a lot of young players that are still learning the college game. I am sure we will have mistakes like every young team has, but can we overcome those mistakes?? I know our defense should be strong, but I am more worried about the offense right now. The thing that I am confident about is that Pitt really kicked our azz last season which should light a spark on everyone on the USF team. We shall see, but you never can predict the PITT-BULL game sometimes.

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our qb is a junior that still makes mistakes

don't blame the young players

our problems begin and end at our qb

road games at pitt and rutgers will be tough because they will try to  shut down run forcing  jewelmiste to pass

weren't worried you about the offense over the last 3 years

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I am going to concede to the fact that we dont have a really good QB. USF has not had a really good QB since the days of Blackwell. Hell, I wonder how well this team would be if we had Blackwell still eligible. The point is that our defense has kept USF in the game two out of the last three years. WVU is 2-0 in the BIG EAST without a good passing game, so who really knows what it will take to win this league. I really believe USF will have a really good QB in 2007. 2006  is still too early to expect greatness at the QB position.  I say that we let Julmiste take us where he can which should be at least 6-5  this season IMO. I am ok with that. I just hope other USF fans would be hyped up like me because 6-5 would be huge for this program.

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Pitt doesn't have the defense that Miami and PSU have.  I'm sure Andre will have a good game.  I don't think it will be a cake walk, but I'm confident we'll win.

Couldn't have said it better myself. We should have a definite advantage on the Line of Scrimmage. I do see Andre having a big game. He is due for one.

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