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What if Jackson catches that first pass......?

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I know this thread isn't for everyone, if you don't want to ponder with me, please disregard.

Going into the UM game, I wondered how that UL game would have gone had we not grabbed the momentum like we did.  

So, I was watching the replay last night of the UM game.

I can't help but wonder, what if Jackson caught that first pass.  Do you think that changes the game?  It's obvious that if weren't so charitable with the ball, we would've had a different outcome....but what about that catch and possible run?  

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If he scores, then its a totally different game.  If the INT and JP's fumble don't happen and the Bulls pen UM inside the Miami 20 the first two possessions its a wide open ball game.  Probable score at halftime is 14-0 worst case scenario.   USF actually moved the ball on the ground in the first two drives.  If A.Jackson catches that pass the run game opens even more.  No telling what the outcome but that's why there is home field advantage.  PJ hurried a throw b/c the adrenalin was flowing 'cuz he was in the OB playing against UM.  Same for JP trying to make something happen and teh DB makes a great play on the ball.  In RJS there is no INT or fumble.

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I said to my wife when it started raining right before kickoff that would be what does us in.  We have a somewahat limited offense anyway but, with a wet ball and field we were even more so.

That first pass may very well have slipped right through Jackson's hands as the Peyton fumbe due to it being slick.  Hell a PJ pass or two may have slipped from his fingers while throwing?  That overthrow may very well have gone to the WR's feet for an incompletion instead of an interception had it not slipped?

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Guest Fireflycpamanbull


Not to be mean...but r u retarded?

1) I was at the game and even after the first quarter, we couldn't move the ball.  We had a total of 150 yards on offense (and 75 yards were on a meaningless drive at the end of the game).  Example, in the 3rd quarter when we had a gift on Miami's 20 yard line and we lost 15 yards.

2) Yes our defense was good.  But, how good we can't really tell.  Miami was very very conservative after they jumped up 20-0 at the beginning of the second quarter (yes I know the 20 points were based on turnovers).  Coker played a very vanilla offense.  I do really believe we have a top 25 defense, but the Miami game does not validate it (maybe if it was a closer game; by the way it could have been 34-7 if Miami didn't lose the ball in the end on the long play they had).

Overall, I am happy with our offense.  But please, let's not strech the truth of the outcome.

P.S.  I am a beloved Bulls fan (but a realistic Bulls fan).


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