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What would the Bulls' FB uniform look like if...

Guest bullistic930

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Guest bullistic930

...it were up to you?

Why is this such an intriguing topic to me? I have no idea....but I feel like our school colors and iconography give us alot of potential that we're not really living up to.

I agree the Miami retro (gold helmet & pants, green top) looks bad.  I was surprised actually.

I'm interested in hearing you guys' ideas.

Here are a few I came up with..

#1 - Use white pants with green top, but put some gold/green stripes on side to pull it all together

#2 - What about a full time white top with green pants, a la LSU? Didn't they drop their purple home uniform and decide to stick with the white top? With some stylistic changes ours could look great like that. Makes sense temperature-wise too since we are "South Florida" Plus, eliminates the "oh, what to wear?" quandry the players face every game.  ;D

#3 - How about a helmet color change? Green? (with gold U?) That would look good with the green top and ANY color pants I think. Personally, I like the gold, but agree with some of you that it's a little too "yellowish" and needs to be toned down a bit.

#4 - In an attempt to think completely outside the box...I came up with an idea of white helmets. Seems logical, since South Florida is very warm (see above comments) After some searching online....I found a picture of an Auburn player and thought it was close to what I was trying to envision...so I stuck USF colors on there. Im no photoshopper, but you get the idea...(I dont think it looks half bad!)


Anyway...interested to hear you guys' thoughts.


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I like the pic of the white helmet....I think we need something to break up the pants...some kind of stripe...I think the gold on the helmets is unique and I think thats what they were after. I dont think we need to wear white at home because we play night games so that doesnt matter. maybe have an alternate jersey like other schools...white jersey/green pants...green jersey/gold pants...green jersey/white pants....no gold jersey..I think that looks terrible. I think Ga Tech should gop back to black home jerseys

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gotta agree.  the white helmet looks pretty sweet.  really makes the "U" jump out.  plus the stripes look nice as well.

like the look of green/white as the dominant colors with gold being secondary.  i know our colors are green/gold, but the gold doesn't lend itself to uni's too well.

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For our white pants I like the look, however I still love our green on green with gold helmets. I just happen to think they are nasty looking...nasty as in intimidating.

The overal look you put together while nice for some reason just reminds me of auburn. Oh wait, after relooking at the pic I see why it reminds me of auburn lol

of course I'd prefer ANYTHING other then the long underwear look of our white on white for away games.

one last thing...after the ucf game I have firmly decided I HATE gold pants. They just are blah looking and have no fierceness to them. Thought the same thing after watching GT last night.

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who approves of uniform changes anyways - athletic dept. or the school?  we've had the same uniforms since we started and granted they look decent, the only thing that has changed is the logo.  the uniform manufacturer is not a popular one - perhaps we can get sponsored by nike, adidas, reebok, or something.  do these manufacturers come up with the design?  

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I was watching the FAU - LALA game last night.  Both wore solid colors, FAU all white but with enough red and blue stripes around shoulders and down pants leg to make it look decent (hate the helmet logo though).  LALA was all red with colored "blades" (gold?) down leg and enough other places so they looked good.  The moral is: if you use a solid color use plenty of the other color to set them off.  Keep the gold helmets.

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