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USF= Clown Tech

Guest -flsportsfan83-

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Guest -flsportsfan83-

look what these bozo's are saying

Where are these USF bozos coming from?


Clown Tech. Located on the corner of East Fowler Ave. and Leroy Collins Blvd. (Tampa Florida).

I hope this helps shed some light on the matter.

It looks like they got paroled for a few weeks.

I know that the inbreeding thing is a low blow, but hey if the mutated DNA fits ... As for the national reputation of USF, I'll bet that if you ask 100 people on the street if they've ever heard of USF, 95 would say no. Even if you ask 100 college football fans about USF, I bet only about 10 would know that USF is a Division I-A school.

100 out of 100 may say that we suck, but at least they know who we are. Isn't USF a community college for kids that flunk out of Central Florida?  

Would you rather be a traditional national powerhouse having a down year (Pitt) or be a traditional cupcake OOC opponent for the big boys that nobody will ever know or care about (USF)?

You guys said that LAST YEAR too. All you Bulls said was that you couldn't make a case for Pitt beating USF. Then we finally played the game.........43-14 - Pitt....The same players will be at Heinz Field this year.......so will be the results....48-3 - Pitt  

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Guest -flsportsfan83-

The link is on our page under oppent. message boards.... then it is in their forum called the litter box...u have to sign up but it only takes a sec....mutt is overthere helping me defend usf

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National Powerhouse?  Um, not that they have done bad in the past, but I would not consider them a "National Powerhouse" a la USC, OU, Miami, FSU, Texas, Ohio State, etc.  

I guess they have won some National titles, but that was like 30 years ago.   :-/  

I wish they were a National Powerhouse as we are in need of one in the Big East.  

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