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Sugar Bowl coming to ATL

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You guys do realize that we are the only people in the country that want to see USF in a BCS bowl.

The networks would consider it a catastrophe and a ratings nightmare.

F' em if they don't like it.

Still, I'm not so sure it would be a bad thing... there would be some "novelty" factor for a team to go from nothing to BCS in 9 seasons ... and the networks would play it up.

The worse thing would be to get to the BCS game and get blown out (a la Utah over Pitt 2004).

Besides, the Sugar Bowl is the Sugar Bowl... it's not like there are other games to watch that night.

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a bowl game is a bowl game

Well in light of the fact that we are still looking for our first one, that's true...but the payouts & prestige between the bowls are pretty diverse. We are in good shape for a decent bowl if we can do well in conference games the rest of the way.

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