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Miami's Band

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Did anyone notice that UM's band was mic'ed during most of the game? You could really tell the difference as soon as there were about 3 minutes left in the game, and their mic was turned off.

To the band people on here, isn't this against some unofficial code of band ethics? Bottom line, the HOT impressed me once again. They're really getting better and better as the season progresses. Best of all, the HOT did it without a microphone hookup.

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There is one thing... my UM alum friend told me that UM music students are not allowed to perform in the marching band... the UM music department is a bit 'hoity-toity'... and won't let their students march... which is why it's so small...

By the way... why on earth did OUR band play facing THEIR fans??  Shouldn't the visiting band play facing the visting fans ??

But the HOT should have the microphones while the HOT is in the stands... if you sit on the visitors side at RayJay you can not hear anything but the drums (if that)...

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HOT is much improved.  I've never seen a MB mic'ed for a game, and I've seen a LOT of bands over the years.  I guess anything’s possible though.  Could it have been the boom mics to pick up the game sounds just happened to be on the side facing the band?  Just a guess.  

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