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TV for Georgia Tech game

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38 minutes ago, puc86 said:

Brevity is not a component to my art and as a performance artist I must remain true and cant simply acquiesce for the masses. I think you are looking for Steve Mazza and since he hasn't been on the board lately I would recommend slipping and falling in LA, he will find you. 

Ugh you creative artists....so pretentious...😂 

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My local sports bar had a sign that said they were running a USF special for the game. I asked the manager what that meant and he said it’s where they promote the game all week and  talk about showing

I’d imagine copogna would have the game on

ACC network is the devil.

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1 minute ago, Bull Dozer said:

Like any artist the art is for him not the audience 

I have never felt so understood, it’s uncomfortable.

4 minutes ago, NewEnglandBull said:

Andy Warhol now Puc? 

Another great Yinzer

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I might be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure if you have ESPN, you'll be able to watch the game tomorrow online. When I log into ESPN3 or whatever its called online, I get access to the ACCN. You just have to have cable which makes you an ESPN subscriber. If someone posted this earlier, suck it.

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