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How did we score our TD?

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it seemed that PJ either scrambled or bootlegged alot the whole drive and got us in their redzone.  there wasn't alot of receptions or rushes.  PJ threw a somewhat of a rainbow pass to our receiver (not sure who caught it) which was behind him, but ended up catching it.  also the miami defender was called for pass intereference, but we scored anyways.

i'm not sure if UMs 2nd or 3rd strings were in, I wasn't paying that close attention to it.  it just seemed like it was down right sloppy drive - but it got us 6.

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It was against the 2nd string defense for the most part... the DBs might have started, but remember they were 2nd stringers filling in for injured starters...

Coker also put in his 2nd string offense for their last 2 drives.

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...but he still tried to score when most coaches would have taken a knee - not saying right or wrong, just saying he did try to run it up.

I, personally, didn't think it was too cool - but just my opinion.

So what did you think of our FG with 2-3 minutes left against L'ville?

You have to keep playing the game.  Mia wasn't running it up.  Those second stringers coming in late are fresh and are trying to make a name for themselves.  This is football.

And sorry, but when my team is getting pounded and I am faced with the prospects of walking thru the ghetto with two females, I'm gonna leave early.  If this game were anywhere else I would have stayed trust me.  After hearing everyone else's horror stories about post game, I'm glad we left.  I could just  imagine me walking out with two girls after the game in my USF jersey with 10000 animals behind us.

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