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Hold off the Bowl Talk!!


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its the first week of October.  Last time I checked we still have 2 more months of football to be played.  Granted, I think this is our best shot to get into a bowl game but people are already talking about the BCS situations.  

We have A LOT of football left to play.  Lets take this season on a game by game basis.  We have a week off to maybe straighten out our passing game (the way it is now, we do not win the big east...PERIOD)  then we go up and play a VERY underachieving but STILL VERY TALENTED pitt team.  this game is not going to be the cake walk you all think it is.  Palko is a very dangerous player who is caught in transition into a difficult system.  All of us in Tampa know what kind of threat Greg Lee is.  

This is the best Bulls team ever and we should make a bowl game, but lets keep our heads on our shoulders.

Then, when Thanksgiving rolls around, lets all go crazy with hotel resveration talks and plane ticket deals, etc.

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While it maybe (read is) to early to start talking about bowls and bcs it is not that important that fans stay focused and not get ahead of themselves, it is part of being a fan. Some like x/o's others like to be more fanatic, what's the harm? I always wish I would be able to see the glass half full and I am glad there are people in the world that can.

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Here's why we have bowl talk:

1. It's a bye week. Not much else to talk about, unless you want to rehash previous topics.

2. Various major media sources are projecting USF into a bowl game. So the USF fan base isn't completely making it up.

3. A bowl game would be HUGE for this program, so it's only natural that fans want to talk about it.

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I'm not convinved this team is our best ever just yet.

Our 9-2 2002 team was very competitive and loaded with some outstanding players. Maybe comparing the two would make for a nice topic this week. Bowl situations are wee bit early -- lots of football and games to win before we can countthose chickens just yet.

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