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Estimated spreads the rest of the season......

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Here's how I see the experts in the desert handicapping our games.  We are 5-0 against the spread this year, so  I see us getting respect in that category here on out.  However, as you can see....we will have some very close tough games due to how the schedule sets up.

Pitt -1 over USF(they will be slightly favored due to being at home)

USF favored by 3 over W. Virginia.....similar to our spreads vs S. Miss over the years

USF over Rutgers by 3.5.......a win over W. Virginia will boost this up.  

USF pick' em over Cuse......the first dome game for USF...should be a dog fight.

USF over Cincy by 20....Cincy is awful, but should get better as the season goes with young guys getting experienced.

USF over UConn by 3.....UCONN is well coached and never seems to play a bad game.  Ask Georgia Tech about that.

Every game except Cincy will be close....according to Vegas.

I predict wins over Pitt, W. Virginia, Rutgers,  UCONN (we own them), and Cincy.

I see our only loss at Syracuse (a heartbreaker).

8 wins, 3 losses and a possible BCS bowl!!!

How does everyone else see the rest of the season going?

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We beat a good Louisville team, but I am not willing to revise my prediction of 5-6 or 6-5 tell I actually see us win a tough road game.  I see us beating Cincy and Rutgers and then upsetting eiher UConn, WVU, Pitt or Cuse to get to 6-5.  We're to one dimensional on offense to win the Big East this year.  I'd almost be embarrassed to except a BCS invite if we won it, because that would likely place us against the SEC or ACC champ.  They would destroy us.

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Good ol' LOB... always prepared for the worst. Let's just forfeit the rest of the season.  LOB will destroy us.   ;)

The "darksiders" have taken big hits recently and see the Miami game as way to re-establish their position.

I see 7-4 as realistic, 8-3 a possibility, and with some breaks 9-2.

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