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In my opinion...

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I think that people around the nation should stop bashing the Big East and allow some time for the New Big East to emerge.  I know I'm biased from a USF stand point but how are people judging how bad the conference is this early on?  Is it based off of teams performance such as Pitt, is it based off of we don't have a team in the top 10 any more, or is it based off of a team like us who just happened to upset who everyone thought was possibly going to go to a BCS bowl this season.  What ever it is I think people around the nation need to give it time for our conference to emerge.  If I'm not mistaken wasn't Miami pretty dominate in the Big East for a while?  Whether it's a couple dominate teams that'll make the conference a good conference or whether it's well balanced competition within the conference or a team in the conference having to upset another top ranked team I think people should just give the conference some time.  I also think come basketball time alot of people are going to have some different opions about the Big East...heck, 2 of the last 4 champions in basketball come out of the Big East and coming in are also a couple teams that have made some final 4 appearances the last 4 years in Marquette and Louisville.  So all in all the Big East might not be as "dominate" as people would like them to be just yet but just wait when the opinions start to change when basketball roles around.

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Look at how bad the PAC10 was about 4 years ago. The PAC10 has improved a lot over the years with teams like CAL, ASU, and Southern Cal stepping up. Hopefully, USF, UL, WVU, and maybe a Syracuse or Pitt can step it up in the next few years. Right now, USF looks to be even better next season which is going to be good for the BIG EAST.

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I agree, that things go in cycles around college football.  The Big East will rebound.  Many of these Big East teams are young, such as USF and WVU and Syracuse.  Who knows who the power teams will be in two years or three years in other conferences, with the exception of Texas, USC, UF, etc.  I don't see a reason why the Big East won't have 3 or 4 teams in the Top 25 at the end of the year.  I say Louisville, WVU, and USF will be in there with another team receiving votes.  That isn't too shabby for a league that is struggling.  Pitt is the other team that would have been in the Top 25 if not for their horrendous start.  No one expected this out of Pitt.  Remember, they were preseason Top 25 in every publication.  

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