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Not that it matters...

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Not that it matters but was it me but those of you that went to the UM-USF game did you hear a whistle that sounded like the actual referee whistle but it wasn't?  I thought those weren't allowed?   ???  As I said not that it would affect the outcome of the game but I'm just wondering if anyone else heard it.

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I heard it a couple times in the 3rd level.

P.S. Pat Julmiste sucks.  A halfway decent quarterback would have led the bulls to victory.

Why not put in Carlton Hill?  Everyone knows Julmiste can't pass, our recievers won't catch everything, and Hall is the main weapon on this team.  Might as well give Hill a shot, he can't be any worse than Julmiste or Denson.

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That wouldnt be the first time Miami fans have done that...a year or two ago, a miami fan blew a whistle @ fsu when fsu was punting.  This of course stopped the play, and there was a big fuss over it, not sure they caught the fan.

The next try, the punt was blocked (punter got it off the first time).  After that I wouldnt be surprised if more morons thought blowing a whistle at random to be a good idea.

OBVIOUSLY its illegal.

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I was sitting in section V and there was a guy in the section to the left of me dressed like a ref that kept throwing a fake flag and a whistle noise kept coming from his direction (although I never saw him with one). I'm sure there were several fans blowing whistles as I heard them throughout the game but like you said it hardly mattered.

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