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What I believe

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I believe we could beat Miami at home. We are that much better at home and they are not a good road team (See FSU game). We played our worst game on the road and only lost to them by 20.

We are just a Historically pitiful road team-Just look at our series vs. Louisville- we are undefeated against them at home yet lost to them by 30+ at their place.

I can remember only two signifigant road wins- Pitt and TCU. I can remember far more road debacles where we either collapsed (when we lost to Troy St. on the road when they were the #1 in 1aa and we were up by 14. Look at the Alabama game too.) or did not show up in the beginning (Miami, PSU, USC).

Miami really is not that much better than us. They just have so much speed on defense and their offense is so bad that you have to play the field position game- that is where they whipped us. Our offense plays much better at home than theirs does. Two bad we have to wait until 2009- if they would have came to RayJay next year I would've like our chances- same situation as Louisville this year.


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We played our worst game on the road and only lost to them by 20.

We are just a Historically pitiful road team-

Sorry to bust your balls, but did you happen to look at our schedule lately? ?  





We only have 2 more home games, Homecoming WVU and Cinci, Whatta gonna say about them? Granted they are no Miami but do I have to bring up last year's homecoming? We have the chance to beat all of these teams STARTING WITH PITT !  Get behind them BULLS and cheer your team to victory wherever they are!

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I'll give Miami cedit for that win-- they earned it.

Could we beat them at home? Maybe. We won't find out for quite some time.

In regards to your road games comments-- CFB is not like other sports whee you have a great deal of continuity from one season to the next. We lost to UL last year because we were starting a ton of yuong guys and they were playing some highly skilled seniors. They were good again this year too-- but we had a good game plan and the bodies to execute it. It seems just that simple to me.

Some of those road losses can be attributed to depth issues. We are getting better in that area every year. Losing to OU, Bama, Arkansas, or PSU on the road is not uncommon for a school like ours at this point of it's development. It takes many good years fo recruiting and program building to come in and shock a team. We got close in Bama. We did it in Pittsburgh with one of our better squads-- thanks mostly to some very good 1-A transfers that came in while we were 1-AA. During that transition phase, we were no longer able to grab up those type of guys without sitting them a year.

Just be glad there are scholarhsip limitations or the big schools would grab up every player they can find to keep the schools like ours from getting any talent they had no room for. Bama and Notre Dame were notorious for doing exactly that.

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Agreed, we have to put that Miami game behind us and move forward.  A big step would be to beat Pitt.  Remember, they are struggling this year, so we don't want to be the team to bring them back up.  We need to beat them in all facets of the game.

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