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Reality Check!

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It is October 3rd. and the following is absolutely true for this Bull's fan.

1. We are not on the same level as the BIG 3.

2. We have improved from last year.

3. It is only October and many across the nation have our bulls going to a b**l game. (right now they have us playing k-state in Independence Bowl december 30th, can you say DOABLE road trip? They also have lousville as Big east champ playing in Sugar Bowl in Atlanta... They also have west va. finishing #2 in Big East playing in Charlotte dec 31st.... Hell last week they had us in Arizona, now three drivable road trips? Please pinch me because I must be dreaming!)

4. We are 3-2, how many of you could fathom such a scenario before the season?

5. We are on top of the Big East.

So I do not want any negative Bull**** on this board... We could still lose to Wvir, Syra, and (Uconn or Pitt) and still play after the season is over.... If we go 4-2 in last 6 games, I say we are in Shrevport, 5-1 I say we are in Char. NC, If we go 6-0 Atlanta, If we are 3-3 We will be travelling somewhere by plane... All of this sounds REMARKABLE and yes I know we could lose 5 of the next 6 (Cincy is horrible) but I did not see anything in Miami to make me think we could possibly lose that many....   IT IS GOOD TO BE A BULL, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE WHERE WE ARE TODAY!

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Not to change the subject at all, but I thought that the Big East champ went to the Orange Bowl this year  ???

On topic, we have absolutely nothing to worry about guys. So what, we're not a part of the "Big Four" yet. I liked this game for many reasons and I'll tell you why:

1.) It deflated our heads from the Louisville win; this will be important going into the important part of our schedule now. We need to not be cocky and be focused on how we play our game.

2.) We went up against a legitimate top ten team, and even though we lost by 20, there were positives. Sure, maybe they aren't stellar positives, but a couple of solid goal line stands plus pretty reasonable O-line play going against a STACKED Miami defense shows promise.

3.) We now have a bye week to go over what worked and what didn't. I know in a game like this it's hard for the ordinary fan to see that anything worked, but as dedicated of a coaching staff we have, they will be able to pick apart the game a learn from it. People say that the I-AA games at the beginning of a season are "tune-up" games, but I disagree. This Miami game is what i think a tune-up really is. A chance to go against the best and for them to expose our flaws for all they are worth.

4.) Next up: Pitt. This season's schedule, IMHO, could not get any better, especially since taking it to the 'Ville. Perfect chance for us to come out fired up about our conference games and get redemption for last year's season ender debacle. Then come back to town and play our only real opposition in the Big East WVU at HOME during HOMECOMING. Perfect schedule guys.

To sum it all up, we're in a great position and while we didn't get that "Big Four" respect we were hoping for, we have bigger fish to fry in the Big East ladies and gentlemen.

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Absolutely right!

Saturday's game served only as a gauge.  We now know the Bulls are a notch or two below the top teams.  

Before the season, most on this board expected a 4-5 win season at best, with high expectations for 2006.  The team's development so far is ahead of schedule.

It's way too early to really know who will come out of the Big East (there's only been 3 conference games).

So let's enjoy the off week and get focused on Pitt.  One game at a time for the next 6 and the season will be a success.

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I don't think you are seeing the entire picture when I refer to the whole Big Three thing.

I'm not just talking about football, but fan base, donors, and media attention. We need to catch up in those areas as it helps in all areas of the school and the sports teams.

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I agree with you there Mike, and it does suck that we couldn't cheat up a few steps with a win over Miami. Trust me, I (as well as any other USF fan) would love to see us in the polls, being covered by the media every week, and getting big donors to help out our school in general. I know we CAN get there, we're moving faster than ever now.

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It WAS a step forward for our program. I read that article in the Times yesterday about how Miami starting becoming dominant by just continuing to challenge UF and FSU. I think the stat was something like 6-14 against UF and FSU when they first started to play them. It's clear that our program's mission should be to first off consistently be in the running for a conference championship, and then a close second should be to continue to challenge UF, FSU, and UM. We will get there someday, I have full faith in my Bulls. On a side note, isn't it great to get in on something good at the ground level?! In a short few years when we see our Bulls consistently ranked and fighting for a chance at a national championship, it'll make this crazy ride we've had so far even better!

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The real reality check was the "massive-hustle" and "fan-fare" outside the Orange Bowl that the USF fans endured. Having lived in Miami I knew what USF fans were in for in terms of the "Shock Value" that visiting fans experience just entering the Orange Bowl. The game was great for  program, but for those fans who traveled down to Miami, the experience opened them up to another level of how important the intangibles are as it relates to "total intimidation". On another note I remember many years ago when our program was on the outside looking in...Yeah that was another sport, but we ended up on top and evenually and owned the big four! It can be done in Football too... Go Bulls!!

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This is my first visit to the message board since the Miami game, and I'm happy to see some intelligent discussion!  I was figuring I'd see a bunch of smazza-esque negative posts about how bad the Bulls still are.  Maybe I haven't read far enough yet ;)

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