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Hold your heads up high

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Don't hang your heads in shame.  Don't hide behind books when someone mentions USF football, basketball, or another sport.  Certainly don't disappear after a USF loss in football.  Put away your "Coach Wanted", "QB Needed", and "Wait till Next Year" posters.

Most of us are USF alumni, or have a child that goes or went to USF.  We are the true fans of our athletic teams.  We are there through thick and thin.  We support them through every win and yes every loss.  I am not going to stop predicting a win each week (after that lapse in judgement called "Louisville Prediction Contest").  If we can't be confident to others and say, "We are going to win this game" then how can we expect our players to go into the game with the notion that they could pull the upset?  I know many players and coaches probably DO visit these boards.  Perhaps even some recruits.  If we don't stand behind our school, players, and coaches what kind of signal are we sending them?  We are a growing program and National Championsips are not handed to us just because we the fans expect it.  Our players have to work hard.  If that means that they lose a few games but try as hard as they can, then so be it.  Their work effort will pay off some games.  They will pull the upset sometimes.  That will inturn sway better and better recruits to join our family.  THAT builds Championships.

So when a Miami fan or a Louisville fan or a USC fan comes here to tell us that our team has no chance, we must hold our heads up high and tell them that this is USF.  We may not go undefeated, but we WILL win!!!  And if we don't happen to win, and they come back to gloat I will simply say, Good Game, great effort, but Wait till we play you next time, because we WILL WIN!!!

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Guest bullistic930
Put away your ... "Wait till Next Year" posters.


And if we don't happen to win ... I will simply say, "...Wait till we play you next time, because we WILL WIN!!!"

Hehe, sorry, I couldn't resist  ;D I get what you're saying though.  Good post, and absolutely agree. We are Bulls thick and thin. GO BULLS!

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I can remember when Miami was the winter game in

December. Notre Dame would travel to Miami as a

break in the sun before their Bowl Game. I was never so proud as our fans cheered to the end of the GAME. We should all travel with our team.I have been a supporter

from the first game. I wish that out of the 100,000

graduates if only 1/2 gave their heart then our dream

will continue. I believe and will allways love my BULLS.

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