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Effect on Recruiting?

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How do you think this game effected recruiting efforts?

 On one hand, we looked bad, at least offensively, and lost by 20 points.  On the other hand, we played a good Top 10 team in the Orange Bowl committed 5 turnovers and still only lost by 20.

  Do you think recruits will look at this game as if USF only needs 1 or 2 more playmakers to go bigtime? Do you think this showing made recruits feels as if USF still has a little ways to go? Or was it pretty much what people expected so it really won't help or hurt recruiting?

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Guest usf-ru

If (big if) we can win the BE it would have a much bigger impact on recruiting.  This game will be chalked up to a "what did you expect" game in a couple of weeks.

Can't you just hear what Leavitt will say to recruits if we went to a BCS game our first bowl ever?  

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It won't change recruiting much.  It didnt look like we were completely overmatched, especially defensively.  Our offense has the athletic capacity but didnt play well.  Recruits can see that too.

I agree!  Everyone knew if we beat Miami it would have been a huge upset.  The rest of the season will have a greater effect on recruiting.  We need finish 9-2 or 8-3 and win a bowl.   We'll get another shot at Miami in Tampa when we're ready for them.

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This week's game vs Pittsburgh would seem to have a greater effect on recruiting.  They are going head to head with us for many recruits in Fla and need this to prove that we should be 1st choice b/w the two schools.  

I still think the Miami game showed a lot of promise to recruits.  There will be some good film (especially on the defensive side) to show.  Plus, it will show potential QB's that we need help there.

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This "one games effect on recruiting" business is way overrated anyway. They always say the same thing about the UF-FSU or UM-FSU game deciding who gets the better recruits. But both participants end up getting a huge haul anyway, regardless of who won or lost.

I think USF's recruiting position is fine. Especially if the Bulls can get a bowl game this year.

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I think the way we played on offense will maybe make some blue chippers change their mind about sitting the bench for awhile at UM or someone comparable and make them realize that they will play right away here. also if we go to a bowl it might get to some good kids who are sittin behind studs who are sittin and watching our bowl game. recruits watching maybe thinking..."hey, I can go there and make a difference. hmmm being a USF Bull sounds good, now where is that number  that Leavitt left on my voicemail..I know I wrote it down."

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