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Colorado went into the OB last week and lost 23-3.  This week Colorado went on to win 34-0 over Oklahoma St.  

UM made FSU look terrible throughout the game and FSU has gone on to win the rest of their games easily.

Except for the egg UM laid at Clemson, they are a really good team.  If we had not won against UL last week, not very many people would be dissapointed with a 20 point loss at UM.  USF played possibly the worst game they could have played and still only lost by 20 at UM.

Everyone got so giddy after beating a decent UL team, everyone's expectations got blown out of proportion.  Going into the season, many fans looked at the schedule and said they would have been happy with one win out of the four game stretch we are in now.  Well we have one win already and still have two winnable games left.  

Yeah, we played like crap last night but it's not the end of the season.  Stop with all the knee jerk reactions to losing at UM.  A LOT of schools look like crap at UM  

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Guest usf-ru

Hey, we lost to 2 top 15 teams on the road!  The PSU game was not a blow-out.  I am not sure UM game was a blow-out either.  Heck, even if it was there was some bright spots like the defense.

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I hate to say it but I'm glad it happened like this. All that media attention gives you a big head and that's not what we're about. I'm just glad this wakeup call came now against Miami and not in a few weeks against west virginia...or even next week vs pitt. We will get back on track. We just need to get our heads back in OUR game, and out of everyone elses.

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