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USF Wide Receivers

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The QB play could have been better, however, the wide receivers didn't make things easier, how many passes went through their hands.  Moreover, there were many breakdowns in the blocking schemes by many on the offense.  The lack of offense is the blame off all the components and not just one factor.

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Maybe PJ just doesn't throw a very catchable ball.  i can't believe all those receivers we have can't catch the ball.

what the hell is that supposed to mean?  do you mean when he throws, he puts spikes on the ball?  a thrown ball is a thrown ball, and these kids SHOULD be good enough to catch them (regardless of velocity or trajectory) as long as they are thrown in the reasonable vicinity.. with that being said, i'm not defending julmiste either, but under the rare times that he actually gets the ball there, the WRs need to hold on to the ball

i think we need a new WR coach, and maybe even a new o-coordinator.. those trick plays wont work against the big boys like miami.

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I think all this talk is pre-mature about our offense. Colorado's and FSU's offense struggled at the Orange Bowl earlier this season, yet they seem to be coming around. Lets wait and see what happens in BIG EAST play before me suggest changes at this point.

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At least 5 passes were not caught that were on target and 2 of those were interceptions deflected by our receivers that turned into scores for UM.  These guys have to catch the ball if it hits them in the chest or hands - they are highly recruited D1A receivers.

This game could have EASILY been 13-10 at the half (if we could catch the **** ball) and who knows what might have happened then.

BTW, my first trip to the OB - forget all the history - the place is an awful rust dump worse than the CB.

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Until we get a competent QB throwing the ball around, it's not fair to blame the WRs.

If there is a more overused expression in football, than "if it hits your hands you should catch the ball"....I don't know.

PJ's throws sail like a paper airplane and the best our WRs can do sometimes is to just get a finger on the ball before it goes over their head. Alternatively, we are also asking our WRs to play shortstop with all the bad one hop throws they are asked to field on obvious passing downs.

BTW...nothing personal against PJ....but there is no sense in pretending that we don't have a major hole in the position. Managing the game is okay for being competitive, but at some point the QB needs to inspire confidence and make plays through the air.

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