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  • Sat., 11/17 Noon; ESPNews  
      1 2 3 4 Final
    Bulls 7 10 0 0 17
    Temple 0 0 10 17 27



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22 hours ago, Boomer said:

If you've ever lived up north for a period of time, you can walk across an icy parking lot without slipping and falling on your butt.  Someone who comes up and is not used to that will fall or at least have a lot more difficulty doing it.

I know we're not talking about icy conditions for this game, but you won't ever convince me that there's not at least a slight advantage to the home team (with a lot of seniors) in that situation.  Maybe the ball is a little more stiff in the cold, maybe the ground is a little more firm, things that teams who play in those conditions do get more used to and adapt accordingly.

But the cold will not be the reason we lose this game.

i agree with you.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and there is an advantage to teams that play in cold conditions more often.  

However, cold won't be the reason we lose this game.

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