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Florida Poly - what is going one?

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2 hours ago, Mike Stuben said:

Never happen. You know how USF calls Sam Gibbons the founder of our University. Well, JD gets that for Fla. Poly, nothing like wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars to buy yourself a legacy. 

That is what it was all about with a side bonus, screwing over someone in the process and screwing over the tax payers.

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9 hours ago, BDYZR said:

Yea, I know. I think I remember that they own a lot of land around Poly Tech. Just another example of backdoor politics and the good ol' boy system we live in.

I believe they own most/all of the land. Same with the land around FGCU.

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As someone who went almost exclusively to USF Lakeland back in the day, it is par for the course for Polk County, basically being a Gainesville State booster county. The good ole boy system is alive and well, and this was just one of many reasons I got finished with USF-Lakeland and not only moved to Hillsborough at the time, but also got the f out of my job in Bartow. The way Gator boosters talk about USF back then (and probably still do now) was appalling, and they went on surface level, not knowing the great things USF was doing or how many strides they were making academically. They certainly rode on JDA's jock and wanted nothing to do with reasoning about why USF-Lkld was fine as is. I never had a problem in any classes (almost the entire IT Dept was based out of there at the time), and Polk CC/State had a good partnership and the campus was nice - obviously just a typical basic satellite campus.

Lot of people in Polk are blindly UF because UF has its Agriculture all up in there as well as ties with the phosphate industry.

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