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The American Cup IV - Final

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I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the results of the American cup as it moves into its 4th year. A refresher on how standings are created.

Points are given for all regular season athletics offered within the American Conf. If you don't play the sport or you dont play in the American, you get 0 points, so everyone who plays gets at least 1.

If you win you get the number of points equivalent to the number of teams. Hence in womens basketball there are 11 teams, so as conf champs, UConn gets 11 pts, as runner-up USF gets 10 and so on. If there is a tie the average place of the tied teams is used. so if two teams tied for first in a twelve team sport they would both get 11.5 points. 

Additional points are granted for post-season conference tournaments (Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Baseball) Each appearance and each win in a conf tourney gets you an  extra point.

No points are awarded for NCAA tournaments. Why? Because this is the American Cup, not the lets compare ourselves to the rest of the exclusionary NCAA world cup.


So without further ado, the Final Results

Houston 130
UCF 126.5
Memphis 109.5
Cincinnati 108
Uconn 108
USF 105
SMU 104.5
Wichita St 98
ECarolina 97.5
Tulsa 89
Temple 75
Tulane 63


Congratulations Houston as the winner of the American Cup IV!

ECU also receives most improved (41% increase in points)

Tulsa had a difficult year for the first time in AAC history finishing 10th after finishing 1st, 3rd and 4th the previous 3 years. In fact Tulsa has gotten consistently worse over the 4 year period.

Tulsa still holds a top 3 avg finish @ 4.5 but UCF has shown they as well as UConn are the premier Athletic departments with an 4 year avg finish of 3.75 and 2.5 respectively.

USF is anything if not consistent, finishing in 6th place for the 3rd time in 4 years. USF is 4th in avg finish @ 5th.

For the Bulls
Improvements WBB, MITF, WITF, WTen, MGolf, SBall, BBall

Declines in MSoc, WSoc, VBall, WXC, WOTF, MTen, WGolf

No Changes Fball, MXC, MBB, MOTF

Here's to hoping next year is an improvement! Go BULLS!

Edited by Brad
Repair typo in title
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USF should be at least 1 or 2 in American cup...lots of work to do

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we suck until we don't


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