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Picked up a couple audiobooks last week

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In honor of the club I grabbed a couple on sale at Audible.com

Being a one-time Magic Johnson fan, I bought this on sale:

I also sprung a few bucks for Charles Barkley's audio version of his book:

I started, first, with Sir Charles' book (originally published in 2002).  As he says, it's not really about Sports, but it is in a way.  I have listened to the first 4 chapters or so.  It is read by the author, so if you can follow Charles you'll know when he is making a point important to him...and other times, he just makes you laugh.  I am continuing it today and will likely wrap it up.  This is such an old book, you may have already heard about it.  He speaks a lot to "controversial topics" and certainly discusses social issues he experienced and what his thoughts are.

As you can see, both those audiobook are very inexpensive.  So, it's hard to have a bad read listen.   

I'll add more as I come across it.  I look forward to the Magic/Bird book.  Loved that Nat champ game, and the Showtime era afterwards.

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Finished both of these audiobooks.  I highly recommend the Bird/Magic book. 

Of course, I was a Showtime fan back in the 80s and a Magic Johnson fan.  The book covered some things I knew about Magic, but a lot that I did not.  I was so anti-Bird back in that era, I knew little about him.  Much as the book describes, if you were pro-Magic, you "hated" Bird.  I wouldn't describe it as hating Bird but really disliking the Celtics.  :) 

The book takes you from their meeting the the World Invitational Tournament (I had not known about this) and of course the NCAA Champ and all the NBA games and playoffs, wrapping up around the end of their careers on the Dream Team.  You learn more about the HIV announcement and how teammates and others reacted.  Learned a lot about what a tough guy Bird was in the face of physically painful injuries and wear and tear.  

It was a pleasure to listen to, will likely repeat at some time in the future. 

I give it 5 horns.


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