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AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

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Cincy pulled it out, too.

Thanks for the recap. Seems that Temple has the RPI, but some of those losses are damning and their record is crap.  

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On 2/19/2018 at 8:32 PM, brybull1970 said:


Temple (RPI: 40)

  • Record: 15-12 (7-8)
  • RPI Top 50 wins: Auburn* (8), Clemson* (9), Wichita State (16)
  • RPI 100+ losses: Memphis (114), Tulane (165), George Washington* (180), at LaSalle (188)
  • RPI Top 50 remaining games: none
  • Must win conference tournament after 21-point home loss to Houston

UCF (RPI: 63)

  • Record: 17-9 (8-6)
  • RPI Top 50 wins: at Alabama (33j, Temple (40)
  • RPI 100+ losses: at SMU (101), at Connecticut (104)
  • RPI Top 50 remaining games: at Temple (40), Wichita State (16)
  • Have won three in a row after losing 5 of 7

Tulsa (RPI: 86)

  • Record: 16-10 (9-5)
  • RPI Top 50 wins: None
  • RPI 100+ losses: at Memphis (114), Lamar (248)
  • RPI Top 50 remaining games: at Cincinnati (13), Temple (40) 
  • Without any quality wins needs to split last four games and win a conference tournament game to get into the NIT

Little surprising Temple was the only one out of those 3 to make it ...

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