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In Game Thread: Birmingham Bowl - Bulls vs Texas Tech

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17 hours ago, bullcocky101 said:

I'll be pissed if Gilbert gets on the plane back to tampa.


17 hours ago, Brad said:

On the bright side, we are winning the field position battle.  :icon_drink:

Jus another boring 600 yd game and 10th win of the season.


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Great game, great seats, great company - all one could ask for in a bowl game! AND, the rain never was an issue.

Congrats Q on an awesome 4-year run, thanks for all the wonderful memories, and best of luck in all your future endeavours.

The whole senior class went out with style in a blaze of glory. Thank you and congrats!

Thanks to the band and the spirit teams - especially Dylan, Alexis, and Noah who were there at SJSU to kick it all off, and there at the end. (Shame on the admins who only brought 6 to each game, though. Bring the wholedurned squad next year!)

For all you fans who didn't show up? One word. :loser:

No. One more word. Gutless!!! (LOL, that's an inside joke - if you don't get it, you don't get it.)

The organizers started a "Back2back" chant in the postgame. We're 3-0 in the B'ham Bowl, and I for one wouldn't mind a chance at a Threepeat next year if we can't get the NY6 game, as long as we get a P5 opponent to beat up on. (Still and all, we should have faced WVU and TT should have played Utah)

I'll probably check out now, and post only sporadically, be back full force in the fall...

We've got some good talent coming back, looking forward to seeing McCants, Salomon, and Wilcox tear it up, and to watching the QB and RB battles for playing time. Talked to Atterbury after the game, and with 3/5 coming back on the line, he was very optimistic for good OL play next year. Major question mark for me is LB, will somebody please step up?

We should be favored in virtually every game next year, so expectations will be high again. In any event, one game at a time...

Go Bulls!

Beat Elon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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