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Jim Miller is back BUT...


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he won't be available until very late in the season.

Almost made me think that Shaun King was in trouble since they will not be carrying 4 QB's. Doubtful that Simms would get put on the practice squad since it would open him up to waivers. He's played way to well in the preseason not for someone to want to grab him up and steal the Bucs 3rd round pick.

This kind of puts the Jets situation into perspective. I don't think we need to worry about MB getting out there any time soon. It would just draw attention to him if he plays well (he will)-- maybe Herm is playing this right. Assuming MB gets on their practice squad, he can either come in once one of their guys goes down (granted with ZERO snaps behind him) OR he gets to work on his game in NFL Europe-- maybe for Doug Graber?????

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