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Ironically this could be the BEST CASE scenario

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And here's why: IF we can hire Charlie Strong: 1. Our defense next year instantly is top 25. And if thats the case we all know were going undefeated with flowers and company still in the gam

I like your enthusiasm, but we have no shot at the CFP with the schedule we have next year.  We likely won't face a top 25 team.  Also, instantly making a defense from 100 to 25 is a tall order.  I th

Nope, there are older coaches with proven records that would be less attractive to the power 5 schools. We need to stop hiring young coaches that are focused on money and big name programs.

17 hours ago, Azmodi said:

Never count out Cinderella especially, if she has a "STRONG" leader. :GoBulls:

Not a chance...


The G5 is under a glass ceiling...


EVEN if a G5 team got to the CFP... Then their coach will be gone to the P5.

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3 hours ago, Bear said:

Not a chance...


The G5 is under a glass ceiling...


EVEN if a G5 team got to the CFP... Then their coach will be gone to the P5.

Why you trying to harsh on my mellow man????


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21 hours ago, George_Bullnard_Shaw said:

If I could hire Charlie and back load his contract so he and USF got the satisfaction of Texas paying him to coach us I'd do it in a second. At 56 maybe he'd think about sticking around, if not we lose him just like we will lose any young coach who succeeds.

Let's say he wants $2 million, there is no net benefit for him if we pay him that.  Texas would benefit, but not Strong.  

I think we could pay him $500,000 (which is what he is allowed to make IIRC) on top of the money he receives from UT.

The other $1,500,000 could be tacked on to later in the contract.  I am not sure if that violates the terms of the deal or if it would work but this is well healed territory for agents to iron out.

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All you guys thinkin I was in la la land....watch out, the Charlie strong hiring happened and that was the biggest domino that needed to fall.

To reiterate:

Our defense next year I believe will go back to Tom Allen levels, if not better given Strongs defensive aptitude and our guys will be juniors and seniors.

Our offense will be better IMO as the Oline will have gelled and most players are coming back. 

I don't care what you guys say. If we win our bowl game, we WILL start next year in the low 20s High teens. ESPECIALLY because of all the buzz around Strong.

If we go on to play mean stingy USF defense like we used to but putting up video game numbers like we have been, we WILL be TOP 7 by the end of the year.

And at that point, a few upsets one way or the other....which cfp is always good for, were in the thick of it. 

Im telling you, next year may very well play 3 ranked teams. Houston will be ranked when we play them most likely, the AAC championship game will probably have 2 ranked teams, and there's always one team that's good for a surprise run...Ucf temple navy being most likely. 

So there you have it, you may think oh but there's too many IFs in play, yes.....of course there always is. But guess what?!?!

this is the closest we have ever been in USF HISTORY to making a run, and on paper it looks like we got a pretty good shot, and in CFB a prettty good shot is more than enough to go all in.



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