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AAC Expansion

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2 hours ago, Bulls On Parade said:

I personally like Georgia Southern...they beat Florida and played Georgia tough not long ago..they are getting Turner field as new stadium and Atlanta is big market.  

I don't think we should go west or we could get Boise and BYU either.  

Stay in mid central and east. 



Georgia State is getting Turner Field

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1 hour ago, Paisa el Toro said:

We tried luring Boise State, Air Force, and San Diego State before. Boise extorted bank from the MWC to keep them there.

So get Air Force, SDSU and Colorado State to bail and screw over Boise. They get their revenge, the MWC suffers a mortal blow and the AAC gets better.

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I like 

1.    San Diego State
2.    WKU (they have great momentum that I don’t see slowing down anytime soon. 
3.    LA Tech
4.    Southern Miss (Bret Farve went there lol)
5.    Toledo (they go hard in the paint)
6.    Georgia State/Georgia Southern they are usually pretty competitive teams and opens the gates for Georgia recruits. 
7.    Army
8.    San Jose State (California love baby!)

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I'm gonna answer how I would like everyone else to answer that is in a better conference:  "I really don't know who aligns with the rest of our schools academically and financially, however, it'd be nice to have schools that are close for travel/good cheap airport destination and competitive/growing like school X and Y."


My ignorant response is probably GSU and a Mac school like Toledo, or CUSA's WKU.  GSU would be a cool road trip school for Tampa fans and it also bridges the gap to other schools and FL + good recruits in GA.  Creating a western division isn't realistic, Boise has a sweetheart deal and we already tried it once and failed.  The MWC can eat a d*ck plus watching football at 1am is super lame.


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23 hours ago, NewEnglandBull said:

Please, the AAC would take BYU in a heartbeat. The issue is would BYU take the AAC? They make $7 mil per year as an independent. No way they join for less than that and the AAC can't get that kind of cash right now. BYU will get strong consideration from the Big10 regardless of the contraversey they have now (due to their national following). As for not playing on Sunday's, olympic sports can find a landing place in another place as been discussed all over the interwebs. Indeed, my prediction for two team expansion to the Big12 is Hou/Cincy and BYU. 

BYU would default on an overtime game if it went past midnight. That is a huge concern. And those worrying about it most if adding them are the powerhouse conferences. The entire discussion about them and the AAC is ridiculous for numerous reasons.

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