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USF's below the radar approach to Big 12

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Do you like this approach taken by USF?  Or does it make you nervous?  Would you like to hear more out of USF as to what is going on?  Every single other school is broadcasting their wishes for the world, and not a peep out of USF.  Yes, I know, it worked for the Big East, but will lightning strike twice?








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As you read this, the covert efforts to nudge USF farther up college sports' food chain are ongoing. Don't let the dearth of tweets or sound bites fool you. The Bulls would love to join the Big 12.

Here's what they won't join: The chorus of presidents and athletic directors publicly lobbying for an invitation for their respective schools.

After pondering whether to go more public about their Big 12 aspirations, USF officials have opted to stay their current course and keep operating below the radar, the Tampa Bay Times has learned.  


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I agree. We don't look desperate (even though we really are). Unless the Big 12 is a drunk frat boy, there's no use in hiking up our skirt and throwing ourselves at them. They see us across the room as we nurse our solo cup full of Natty Light. We need to blow in their ear,... make discreet conversation... show how we're the one to pick. End of story. We don't want to upset our boyfriend (AAC) by letting him see us flirt with someone else.

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Torn as to the approach.  One would assume that USF(Judy, Mark, and any others who have pull) have been in contact with the BIG 12 to make our wishes known.   Until there is an announcement one way or the other we can do nothing but support the program and trust that they are doing all they can to get us to a better spot.   Now if we get passed by and its found that we (those in power) didn't do something that could had gotten us in, than we as donors and supporters need to make our voices heard.  (whether that is thru donations or lack of donations and ticket sales). 


I have a different view than most on here since Im not a grad of USF. Im just a fan of College sports, was hooked at the first game 20 years ago against Kentucky Wes.  I have and continue to donate( small amount) buy FB and Mens BB season tickets( used to buy Womens BB and had Softball for a season). If USF gets left behind it will be hard for me to continue to justify buying the tickets, flights to Tampa, road and bowl games ect...  to watch what is left of the AAC or worse.

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1 hour ago, Apis Bull said:

I'm fine with it.  It shows a lot more class.





Keeping quiet: Cincinnati, South Florida

Neither of these institutions has sent out any pleas for Big 12 membership on Twitter so far. Maybe they’re going with DMs instead?


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