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2017 Verbals: PG LaShonda Monk & G Vanessa Blagmon

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Lashonda Monk

Lashonda Monk


Southwest Guilford High School, Class of 2017



5' 6"


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Vanessa Blagmon

Vanessa Blagmon


CLASS: 2017



  • Stockbridge, GAHOMETOWN
  • WoodlandHIGH SCHOOL
  • 5-8HEIGHT


Battle-in-the-'boro-July 2015: Athletic combo-guard handles and attacks in uptempo game; active in passing lanes, converts from turnovers; reads pressure, delivers off the dribble. (Olson)



LaShonda Monk

LaShonda Monk


CLASS: 2017



  • High Point, NCHOMETOWN
  • Southwest GuilfordHIGH SCHOOL
  • 5-6HEIGHT


March 2015: Athletic lead-guard with a scorer's mentality; 1 on 1 creator, penetrates and finds rim with regularity; midrange game creator, stationary threat at the arc; anticipates, active in passing lanes. (Olson)


Piedmont Triad Conference Player-of-the-Year in 2015.

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HSXtra Interview: With Southwest Guilford's LaShonda Monk

LaShonda Monk



Southwest Guilford junior point guard LaShonda Monk: "I would say that there’s just something in me … there’s a dog inside of me where I won’t back down from anything. So if someone says that they’re better than me, I’m going to prove to them on the court that they’re not. I just have that type of dog mentality. I’m just very competitive. I guess that’s what it is."



Posted: Saturday, January 30, 2016 12:00 pm

By J.P. Mundy sports@greensboro.com

Junior LaShonda Monk has been Southwest Guilford’s starting point guard almost from the moment she first set foot on campus. She brings a level of toughness to the basketball court not often seen in the high school ranks. Monk demonstrated that toughness after suffering a broken arm during a game against Page this season. After three weeks in a cast and some physical therapy, she has returned to get Southwest back on track for the NCHSAA Class 4-A playoffs.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

A: I actually started playing when I got in middle school.

Q: I wouldn’t have guessed that. So you didn’t play organized hoops before then?

A: My dad was the coach of Macedonia baseball, so I played with him because he was the coach. So I played baseball with boys when I was growing up. I did that when I was 7 through age 12.

Q: Did the boys on the team give you a hard time?

A: (Laughing) No, not really.

Q: What positions did you play on the diamond?

A: I played first base, center field and pitcher. I was actually good at it. I got MVP of the whole season like twice.

Q: So what prompted you to play basketball?

A: All my sisters and brothers played. And they were all good. Just going to their games all the time, I guess I followed what they were doing.

Q: How many older siblings do you have?

A: I have two sisters and one brother, and I have one brother who is younger than me.

Q: One thing I’ve noticed about your game is that you look like you’re always playing with purpose. You play like you have something to prove. Is that true?

A: I wouldn’t necessarily say it was true. I would say that there’s just something in me … there’s a dog inside of me where I won’t back down from anything. So if someone says that they’re better than me, I’m going to prove to them on the court that they’re not. I just have that type of dog mentality. I’m just very competitive. I guess that’s what it is.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between LaShonda the freshman player and LaShonda the junior player?

A: My attitude. My attitude has grown. It’s really improved. Freshman year I didn’t have a bad year, but I knew it was something I needed to work on because I know that colleges look at what type of attitude you have on court, and that’s what I had to improve on most.

Q: Can you give me an example?

A: Well, my freshman year it wasn’t as bad as last year. When I made a mistake or my teammates would make a mistake, I would get so mad. When I fouled, I got mad. I don’t know.

Q: People have talked about LaShonda Monk in this area for a while now. What is that like?

A: It’s a great feeling, but I just set that aside. If you have something good to say about me, I just take that with me to the next game. It doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t change me when people say good things.

Q: You’re kind of a flashy point guard, with a lot of moves. Where did you get that from?

A: I would say my brother, Lashuarn. On holidays we go up to the Y and shoot around, work on ballhandling … different stuff. He wants to work with me and I want to work with him, so we’re always in the gym together.

Q: So, like baseball, do you play pickup with the guys?

A: Yes. Every Monday. Well, now that we’re back in school I don’t, but when we don’t have school I go up to the Y and play a little ball with the grown men.

Q: Did those guys every give you a hassle about playing?

A: No! My first time ever going up there, they just let me play. I guess because they knew my dad well and my brother well. Once they saw me play, all they give the ball to is me.

Q: Is that why you appear fearless on the court?

A: Yes. I’ve always thought playing with boys makes you so much better. They don’t let up, and that’s why I play the way I play.

Q: You say you’re competitive. Does that translate to school as well?

A: Yes. Last semester I didn’t get honor roll, but I have, previously. I’m taking AP and honors classes.

Q: You play basketball year-round and you’re taking a difficult course load. Have you always wanted to challenge yourself like that?

A: Yes. I try to get good grades in the classroom so I can get a scholarship to go to a school that I want to go to without having a problem.

Q: What will you study in college?

A: Right now I want to do physical therapy. Something in that type of field.

Q: What do you have left to accomplish as a player in high school?

A: We started off rough in the conference, with me being out. So there’s unfinished business, basically. We’ve got to get back up in the conference to have a good season so we don’t get a low seed and end up playing somewhere other than home. Next year, with Northwest (Guilford) losing a lot of players, I feel like we can win a state championship.


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