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USF Football: Where dat bus going bruh?? (but seriously...where is it going?)

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34 minutes ago, SoFlo All Day said:

Just a few words on the tale of two seasons that was USF Football 2015:

Saw a lot of good things especially with the core group that CWT brought in a couple of years ago and the coaching staff. Although they may have let the first quarter of the season slip through their collective fingers, they really showed their character down the stretch and built a solid foundation going forward. Also, it seems that CWT and the staff are finally getting the hang of play calling and inspiring the players…and not in the “rip your head off” demeanor that was seen under CJL, which came off as undisciplined. 

That said, there are a couple of things on my mind looking forward to spring ball and next year

Depth: No doubt this year was a breakout year for guys like Johnson, Adams, Flowers and a number of the young sharks on defense (Mack’s breakout was last year guys, relax). That said, depth should be something to focus on for next year because even though our skill guys are good, they’re not great. More times than not, it seemed like we relied too heavily on the three headed monster of Mack, Flowers, and Adams to make plays, and judging from the WKU game, it caught up with us. Many fans seem to have high hopes for next year (hopefully 10-11 wins, and a New Year’s Bowl?), and those things are attainable if guys that have been in background step up in a big way.

        Offense: think guys like Bronson, Barr, Dillon, Valdez-Scantling, Woulard

        Defense: Childs, Hoggins, Cecil the Diesel, Bayes, V-Jax Jr,

What separates an 8-5 team and a 11-2 team is depth and lets face it, Mack isnt exactly Derrick Henry and Flowers isn’t Deshaun Watson – our guys aren’t really the type to carry teams to top bowl games and championships (granted Clemson and Alabama have talent everywhere, but I think you get my point). We ride as a team and we die as a team. The established players will be there to make plays, but we’re going to need something extra to make a run next year.

AW vs. QF – Everyone has kind of been talking about this since AW stepped on campus this past year and to the chagrin of quite a few people on this board, I think CWT would be smart to open up the completion for QB. Sure, the job is Q’s. He’s earned it. However, if this team wants to get to an elite level it has to breed a culture of constant competition and prevent any hint of entitlement. This should extend to every position because when it comes down to it, an 8-5 season shouldn’t entitle you to a **** thing, especially if you’re a program that wants to raise its game to another level.

I think those who endured the CSH era can tell you that a culture of entitlement is toxic and there were definitely some untouchable players on his teams. That bled through the entire culture of the program and soiled it. Players that were cast aside never learned to step up when they were needed because they were never expected to before there was an emergency and never trained like they would be contributors. The coaches allowed them to get soft. That cannot happen again.

Can we please put together a full season? Consistency is the measure of excellence. In its (brief) but upstart history, USF has never really put together a complete season. Never. Not once. Not during those signature wins again Auburn, or Florida State, or WVU, or Louisville. Not even during that absolutely awesome amazing time we reached the pinnacle of our football lives as USF fans (I refuse to state it, but I think you all know what I’m talking about. To be honest, I think its time to leave that 3 week stretch during the Fall of 2007 in the past and focus on the future…it looks pretty F*****g bright  #sorrynotsorry).  The truth is, we’re still an also-ran football program in the minds of those outside of the Bay Area and until we can consistently put together solid seasons of 10-11 wins, we will continue to be. You know for a while, I used to say that USF knows how to play, but it doesn’t know how to win. (During the CSH era I said USF doesn’t even know how to play anymore, but I digress) We need that killer instinct, that ice in the veins, that Reggie Miller in crunch time against the Knicks type team mentality. The ability to make a play and not just fold over when everything is on the line and a big play needs to be made. Do or die, how do we respond? I don’t think we have that yet (see QF’s throw over everybody’s heads on 4th down late in the game against WKU), but I do think that we are getting there. Our boys are young and with experience, who knows, they could definitely make things interesting. The high expectations for next year’s team present a perfect opportunity to prove this.

Finally, (if you made it through all that) – the way way way early prediction for next year:

10-3 (Conservative)

12-0 with a home field advantage at RJS for the championship (Me drunk off the USF Kool-Aid and wearing Green & Gold goggles to try to look discrete)

Go Bulls! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.


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7 hours ago, Sellular1 said:

1st post on the Pen and the kid comes out swinging for the fences... Love it!  Not sure of the ending (appreciate the Home Alone reference) about playing for a Natty title, but gotta love the conviction!  

I think he was referring to the AAC CCG.  

Great first post.   

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10-3 is attainable with the talent coming back and the additions that we are making. Trying to factor in for variable change with the 3 losses. Injuries will happen and suspensions are also a possibility...unfortunately. I think there are also going to be a couple of games where our guys just come out flat and other teams will be gunning for us since we'll be the favorites. 

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