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Question about coaching former players


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As the game gets imminently closer I start thinking about possible outcomes and advantages and disadvantages both teams face. 

As much as I think it is a huge motivational advantage for his former players to go up against him,  I started wondering if he (and his other WKU assistants) know some of the strengths and weaknesses of these guys.   

Actually,  I'm sure they do but does anyone have thoughts on to what degree that would be helpful?   

I've never been a coach and for example would they know the QB's tendencies well enough to exploit them? 

The closest example of seeing that live in action was when Gruden went up against the Raiders in the Super Bowl.   

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I think coaching can only do so much. When a play is live, it's all about what the athletes do. Sure, knowing tendencies and whatnot can help but I bet in college it's so much about reactions and beating the guy in front of you.

Look at what happened to Cincy. There was nothing their coaching staff could do to stop what was happening.

Of course, I'm not a coach!

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I would guess being three years removed doesn't give Taggart much more insight than just what he sees on film. 

If it were just one year removed from coaching the kids.  Perhaps.  However, these kids have been developed over the course of 3 years and different systems. 

My guess is the only extra knowledge Taggart may have about these kids would be about them as people. Other than that, not much more than a regular scouting report would bring about. 



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