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AAC vs. Big 12

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If the AAC was legislated up to a Power 6 league and the AAC TV contract was renegotiated to $20M per team, what league is better for USF (AAC or Big 12)?  These are some big "ifs" but after this season in the AAC a Power 6 designation and a bigger TV contract is much more plausible.  I for one would rather stay with the 12 teams we have in the AAC and grow with this league vs. be part of the Big 12.  Travel, chances of winning a title etc... are some of the reasons why I think USF would be better suited for the AAC if these things happened.  The AAC would still make less than the Big 12 ($30M vs. $20M) but there would not be this huge divide ($3M vs. $30M) as there is today.  We would get some better "name" schools on the schedule but we would also struggle in the league.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the AAC over the next couple of years and if the Big 12 pulls the trigger on expansion.  

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To be completely honest, I like the AAC. If we can get the money situation straightened out, I'd love to stay. 

If the AAC can continue this kind of success, I think AAC >  Big 12. 

The AAC have great cities to visit. We got cities like Tampa, Orlando, Houston, New Orleans, Philly, Memphis just to name a few. 

Or we can move to the Big 12 and visit cities like Ames, Waco, Norman, Stillwater, Morgantown... 

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no chance of playing for a national title if our conference mates are the AAC.  

That is exactly it.  If you want to grow the program to have a huge fanbase and eventually an OCS, the best thing to make that happen is to legitimately be playing for national titles.  

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The ideal situation would be for the Big 12 to go to 14 or 16 schools.  Being in the eastern division of the Big 12 with some AAC schools would be cool.  Add, USF, UCF, Cincinnati and Memphis (Maybe Houston & SMU) and the Eastern division could include these schools plus OK, OK State and Kansas. 

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