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Bowl Game Tailgating Thread

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For those who may not have been around yet, several of us used to band together along with Bulls Outfitter to plan massive away game and bowl game tailgates (RIP Bulls Outfitter). There will be official tailgate options, but those of us who have a particular appreciation for traditional tailgating have always come together to enjoy a true tailgate environment before watching our Bulls in action.  

I propose that we continue the tradition - although we will miss BO, I am hopeful Craig (former owner) will join us (he was able to bring the big Rocky to the UCF game, for anyone who joined us there). Anyone interested in helping out and pitching in, post on here. We should at least coordinate a lot to take over so Bulls fans know where to go. What say y'all? Lot W2 is our mark?!

I'm working on a plan for food. If folks want to pitch in donations, we could do some sort of catering - perhaps BBQ or something. If not, we can always grill dutch-style. There is a Mission BBQ opening in Davie; I'm going to call there and see if they'll be open in time to hook us up.

Let's go Bulls Nation - let's make sure we step up and support our team, and in the meantime, have a heck of time while doin it! Check back here for updates; will post details as they become available.

                        - FazaUSF


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So lot W2? Sounds good, I know our lots at Ray Jay at one point outlawed kegs and whatnot at tailgates, Ive homebrewed up some pale citra ale, that I intend to bring to the tailgate, any idea if I need to keep it out of sight or are they cool with that kind of shenanigans down there?

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Made of copy of the Official Unofficial Bowl Game Tailgate event on Facebook. It was initially inadvertantly set as "Private," but Facebook doesn't allow you to convert an event to Public once it is made. There are about 50 people already RSVP'd yes on the private page - no need to double RSVP. Here is the link:


If anyone happens to have a huge grill, that is the one thing we are missing. The other option would be to get catered Mission BBQ or Sonny's (price being the main difference after quality). We would rather have a grill though because this event will run on any donations that folks offer, and grillin' our own grub would be cheaper. Join in ya'll! See ya in a week!!


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